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Thank you so much for ordering a copy of my new Evolved Enterprise book and the special limited edition Village Visionary package. You’ve joined the mission to change the way business is played. We’ll be shipping everything out to you shortly and you’ll be getting your links to the digital bonuses right away.

What’s more, you’ve forever changed someone’s life today. With your support, we are closer to funding an entire village of micro-entrepreneurs in East Africa in partnership with Village Enterprise (http://villageenterprise.org/). Your purchase lifts one person from extreme poverty.

I’m so excited for you to dig into the material but in the meantime, I’ve got a special opportunity for you to...

Join a Group of Liked-Minded Leaders and Evolved Entrepreneurs to Collectively Amplify & Accelerate Your Business Growth and Impact for $3000.00 $108

Introducing the NEW Evolved Enterprise Catalyst CO|alition

Benefits at-a-glance include:

  • Members can grow their business by being featured in national publications such as USA Today, direct promotion to our audience, and even have a PR team driving more media exposure.
  • One-on-one consulting calls with our expert team
  • Full access to the Evolved Business Blueprint training program
  • Weekly mastermind hangouts where you can collaborate with peers
  • Access to the CO|altiion private Facebook community
  • BIG discounts on future live events
  • Members can access advanced step-by-step material and exclusive ‘swipe file’ libraries.
  • Plus the potential to become an accredited Evolved Enterprise and connecting with new partners and joint ventures
  • And much much more!

Hi again,

Let me ask you that potentially big question again…

“Do you want to just push more water down the river


Do you actually want to change the flow of the river?”

I know this might sound a little strange, but have you ever felt like you are destined for greatness?

No, not in an egotistical type of way --- but simply in a quiet, knowing way that you're meant to make a real contribution with your time here.

It usually starts with a sense of discontent or disengagement…

A nagging little voice that you are NOT accomplishing everything you were meant to be...

That perhaps you aren't fully utilizing your talents, your abilities or your resources to the highest potential…

That you aren't putting out your greatest work, your biggest impact, and the most meaningful difference you can make in the world. And you can't shake the feeling that you might fall short of your potential...

I know this because I've been there.

How To Take The Leap Into The Next Chapter... Without Sacrificing Everything You've Built

Over the past few years I’ve decided to essentially “burn the ships” on anything that didn’t serve
my highest and best work.

To some (including my wife) that seemed absolutely crazy!

Frankly, I’ve actually had that same thought on many late nights as I questioned my decisions…but I’ve felt compelled to transform so many aspects of my world.

It began around 2008 - when the “pull” of making a greater impact took a hold of me. I call it my
“Cosmic Alarm Clock,” and I answered the call to align my head, heart, and higher purpose.

From the outside, most people would think I had achieved total success.

On the surface, I'd 'made it'... but I just wasn't totally happy.

In fact, I was utterly burnt out and quickly losing passion for what I was doing. My business was making me good money, but it just didn't get me fired up anymore. There’s a real lack of joy.

Everybody else can see it and sense it even more you are willing to admit it to yourself. I felt like I was just going through the motions… sleep-walking…

At first it was a soft whisper in the back of my mind, but soon became a devastating scream that forced me to ask a tough question...

“Would I be happy and totally fulfilled 10 years from now doing what I am doing now?”

The answer was a resounding NO!

Thus was born the Maverick group of companies, the Evolved Enterprise mission, and our full blown interconnected “EcoVerse.”

Part of this change meant closing the door on different projects because they were not serving the bigger vision I was holding. I needed to take the leap of faith and create space for what was next.

And that answer sparked a journey to rediscover my greatest work and ultimately led to re-creating a company that truly connects my head (business sense), heart (impact), and 'North Star' (purpose)...a way to truly fall back in love with everything I am doing.

Or perhaps you already know you’re in the right place but just need a push and others on this journey with you.

You’re totally committed to your business but realize you can do more by scaling your competitive advantage with the Evolved Enterprise framework.

Either way the Evolved Enterprise Catalyst CO|alition provides the support, push and resources you need to get to the next level.

Are you ready to fully step forward into the total transformation of your business, your life, and your legacy, knowing you won’t be the same again? 

It’s a scary thought because our identities are so closely aligned to WHO we think we are with our existing venture or previous accomplishments. 

But all of that is just ‘R&D’ for what lies ahead. 

It’s not about “starting over”—it’s about taking everything you’ve developed, built, researched, succeeded with, “failed” at, intuited, struggled through, and overcome. Every relationship you’ve nurtured, every network connection, goodwill cultivated, reputation built, skills developed—it’s all brought you right here and right now to this moment. 

And like a phoenix rising, your emergence into joyful abundance as an Evolved Enterprise is inevitable.

An African proverb says...

"If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone.
If You Want to Go Far, Go Together."

Yes, it sounds cliché – but together we truly can achieve more…

But I don’t believe ‘together’ is just joining hands and singing kumbaye around the campfire.

There’s got to be a collective win for everyone involved...

...an intelligent way to create bigger win for yourself and the group by leveraging key relationships, shared knowledge & resources, media exposure and joint partners.

Moving towards the transcending level of an Evolved Enterprise hinges on actively engaging shared networks and collaborative partnerships.

Look, my mission isn’t just to sell books… it’s to catalyze a whole movement of Evolved Entrepreneurs who are making a meaningful impact - and loving every minute of it.

That’s what the Evolved Enterprise Catalyst CO|alition is all about…
And as one of the early advocates, here’s a way for you to come together with other like-minded evolved entrepreneurs to support, magnify and prod each other as a founding member of the Evolved Enterprise Catalyst COalition…


  • Guides you through a proven process for building your Evolved Enterprise - So you don’t have to figure it all out on your own...
  • Participate one-on-one strategy calls to help you implement the Evolved Enterprise framework. A personalized way to unlock the ultimate competitive advantage in you business.
  • You’ll see as the Evolved Enterprise principles are put to work in real time, with real world businesses - so you get a clear picture of how to do it, and the confidence to make it all happen!
  • You’ll get a comprehensive “swipe file” library of ads and other valuable assets designed especially for Evolved Enterprises - so you can easily build from already proven and positive results.
  • You’ll get access to the entire Evolved Business Blueprint so you can fill any knowledge gaps you may have, and move forward at full speed!


  • You can qualify to be an “Accredited Evolved Enterprise” and enjoy the additional reach, promotional assistance and acknowledgment:
  • Accredited Evolved Enterprise Trust seal that you can use to leverage the Evolved Enterprise brand and be recognized as a business that does good in the world.
  • Celebrate your accreditation with exposure in national publications like USA Today, Conscious Company magazine and other major media for your Evolved Enterprise- so the world will know your noble mission…
  • Get a public relations and press team looking to help members gain large scale exposure to drive their impact even further.


  • An exclusive Invitation to our private mastermind of Evolved Entrepreneurs. You’ll tap into the combined expertise of the entire network, partnership opportunities, new ideas, and innovative new ways of doing business.
  • Weekly ‘CO|working’ hangouts - you’ll make lasting connections with your fellow Coalition members and discuss what’s working, what you need help with, and discover new clients and allies.
  • A full featured member directory that enables you to search for colleagues by skill-set, industry, or even geographic location… need help with something? Easy. Traveling a new city and what to meet some new friends? No problem!
  • Special discounted invites to live events and gatherings - where you’ll be able to connect with fellow Evolved Entrepreneurs and find potential partners, mentors and more friends.

The big idea is to COcreate, COnnect and COamplify to accelerated growth, greater impact and higher profits.

With The CO|CREATE Component, You Get:

  • How to systematically identify the true ‘soul’ of your organization… and infuse this discovery into your business for greater meaning and passion for what you do through the Evolved Business Blueprint.
  • 4 'Portals' into your authentic why (if you're struggling to find your life mission and your purpose - start here.)
  • How To 'Piggy-Back' off the reputation and reach of well-known cause partners for instant boosts in credibility, conversion, and media coverage.
  • A little known "hack" for tapping into the biggest and most well-known cause partners and non-profit organizations. (Use this simple strategy to 'skip the line' and utilize the halo effect for your business.)
  • 6 examples of authentic causes integrated fully into companies and 1 cautionary tale of what happens when there isn’t a genuine alignment between the cause and the company’s product or service.
  • My ‘secret weapon’ for expanding my awareness, processing my thoughts, coming up with breakthrough ideas and tapping into my highest expression for guidance. (It takes less than 15 minutes a day!)

With The CO|NNECT Component, You Get:

  • Exclusive members only access to our private mastermind of Evolved Entrepreneurs. You’ll tap into the combined expertise of the entire network, partnership opportunities, new ideas, and innovative new ways of doing business.
  • Weekly ‘CO|working’ hangouts - you’ll make lasting connections with your fellow Coalition members and discuss what’s working, what you need help with, and discover new clients and allies.
  • A full featured member directory that enables you to search for fellow members by skill-set, industry, or even geographic location…
  • Special discounted invites to live events and gatherings - where you’ll be able to connect with fellow Evolved Entrepreneurs and find potential partners, mentors and deep personal connections.

With The CO|AMPLIFY Component, You Get:

  • An exclusive opportunity to apply to become an Accredited Evolved Enterprise. You’ll get a trust seal so you can leverage the Evolved Enterprise’s brand and be recognized as a business that does real good in the world.
  • Potential exposure in national publications like USA Today, Conscious Company magazine and other major media for your Evolved Enterprise- so the world will know your noble mission…
  • My Public Relations and Press Team that will focus on driving media stories featuring innovative and impactful members like you in the CO|alition. Get major exposure for your business!
  • You’ll get interviewed by us, in a live webinar promoted to the rest of the CO|alition membership and our entire customer list (giving you huge exposure to other Evolved Entrepreneurs). This is your chance to show off your new business model once we’ve helped you implement the framework!
  • A special welcome interview by us, in a live webinar to the entire customer list of fellow Evolved Entrepreneurs. You’ll get to show off your new business model after implementing the framework!

When you see the full breakdown of everything you get as a member, I think you’ll agree that it’s an unrivaled set of resources, But this is a lot more than just concrete tools. It’s a community first and foremost, filled with supportive entrepreneurs who offer help and encouragement when it’s needed.

That’s a very important thing to have for people with big, audacious goals. Without a supportive community behind us to push us forward, success is 10x harder.

We’ll come back to that later…

First though, you are already getting fantastic content with the Fast Track program. This information alone can create massive impact and profits for yourself and your company.

For our valued CO|alition Members though, we go even further...

Watch Us Completely Rework
Real-Life Businesses LIVE Right Before Your Eyes

Sometimes it’s not enough to read a description of how to do something. Sometimes you just need to see it done right in front of you - and then it “clicks”.

Seeing a concrete example of the Evolved Enterprise concepts being applied in the real world can give you a lot more clarity and confidence that YOU can do it too.

That’s why I let everyone in the CO|alition eavesdrop when I’m coaching another member through transforming their business.
Every month you’ll be able to watch my Business Model

Brainstorming sessions with real CO|alition members and their businesses.

You’ll get to see us brainstorm exactly how to re-invent a business to deliver a meaningful impact and greater profits using the Evolved Enterprise concepts.

On top of that, you’ll see the exact process I use with my coaching clients to come up with a plan of action for their business. This is the very processes you’ll learn in the Advanced Implementation Course - and we’ll give you a live demonstration of it in action!

If you’re unsure of whether you’re doing it right… or just need the confidence boost of seeing someone else go through the process successfully… Experiencing these brainstorming sessions can show you what’s possible and push you to a higher level, and give you some great ideas for your own business.

Of course, you’ll also be able to apply for coaching by me (at no extra cost). But only if you let your fellow CO|alition members eavesdrop in on us…

Even if you’re not selected you’ll get a lot of valuable insights and actionable ideas from watching these Business Model Brainstorming sessions - not to mention the inspiration of seeing that the Evolved Enterprise concepts really do work in the real world!

Here are some examples of brainstorming sessions
I’ve done in the past…

Working with Maverick NEXT member, Anthony Balduzzi, we developed a key cause that truly made sense around his life story.Anthony was already doing well with his health & fitness information publishing business but was in the midst of a serious rebranding initiative. He had put a lot of thought into both our updated website design and revamped brand messaging to specifically niche down to helping men over 40 lose weight and regain their energy – but I didn’t think that was enough.

Here’s how Anthony remembers our work together:

"Our big aim with the rebranding was to empower our information publishing business model to have a far greater social impact than simply selling eBooks and weight loss courses online. Within the first 10 minutes of the call, Yanik adeptly assessed the strong, unexploited niche that our rebranded business could become a market leader in: helping fathers over 40 lose weight and regain their vibrant health.

With our more focused audience in place, Yanik then helped us construct a new product offering (weight loss challenge for charity) that would help increase our revenue, improve our customer experience, and enable our brand to have the social impact we wanted with our rebrand with 10x the potential brand impact.”

It all started with Anthony’s story that I helped dig out to make a more meaningful connection to his cause. Together, we came up with the concept for ‘Fit Father Project’ and it’s full steam ahead for him. Tragically Anthony’s father died from brain cancer just before his 10th birthday and that created a burning desire to help that’s never gone away. He says it on his site:

I promised Dad that no fathers would ever have to go through his pain and lack of health. Not on my watch. And I set out on a 10 year mission to figure out exactly how men get (and stay) healthy for life. I know it's what Dad would have wanted.

We worked on matching up this compelling story with a cause that would matter and really fit here. Going back to the time he was a kid, he picked Camp Kesem as their cause because they put kids into summer camp whose parents are battling cancer. He has a real innovative model we developed to make a difference:

We donate a baseline 10% of all our profits to Camp Kesem. For every pound you lose on any of our programs, we donate an additional $1 directly to a Camp Kesem attendee fund.

Another Maverick NEXT’er I worked with was putting together a line of clothing in a very particular marketplace. (I’ll keep the details a little vague since I don’t want to give everything away as he is still in the process of implementing these ideas.) Now the marketplace has some already well-defined community values in place and we created a well-defined cause partner for each of the core community values that customers could choose. We also spent a lot of time talking about identity and community. After the session here’s what he reported:

“I felt like applying Evolved Enterprise to our business takes it a step up, from being a basic transactional retailer, to the next level of being an entity bigger than just itself, with more purpose. Evolved Enterprise is a different type of thinking that helps focus on delivering value.”

Doing this type of brainstorming is absolutely essential for taking your business to another level beyond a one-dimensional, transactional company.

I’d normally charge $1,000/hour or $10,000/day for one-on-one consulting… but since I rarely do private consulting these days, this is one of the only ways to get my direct help.

Get On-Demand Business Knowledge with the Evolved Business Blueprint

Included in your CO|alition membership is full access to The Evolved Business Blueprint training program.

Here you will go through step by step lessons to fully form your Evolved Business.  Begin by delving deeply into your own soul, the "Evolved You" module.

From there uncover your "hidden" Cause, followed by the most cutting edge methods to create your Evolved Vision.

Next you learn how to create the best company Culture possible.  Creation is the fifth module, which gives you the resources to build something truly unique.

The last module is "Community 2.0", where you learn to bring together your own tribe to support the impact that is most important to you.

The best part of it all is that you'll have the entire CO|alition community at your side throughout the program, to give feedback and share information!

You'll love the profound effect that this course will have on the rest of your life.

Tap Into the Brightest Minds
in a Wide Variety of Industries Through the Private Evolved Enterprise Mastermind Community

The combined expertise of everyone in our network is far greater than any one individual could ever learn in a lifetime… and we’ll give you several ways to tap into that vast reservoir of knowledge.

First, you'll get an exclusive invitation to the Evolved Enterprise Mastermind - a private Facebook group where you can connect with not only your fellow CO|alition members, but also with the Maverick MBA mentors and experts.

This is where our community members get together to share advice, resources, connections, critiques and ideas - and to provide support and accountability.

Here, you’ll be able to get help and advice specific to your particular situation.
Now, understand that this is not a place for moochers or blatant promoters. This is a place to exchange value for value, and you’re expected to give as well as take.

If you’re not willing to contribute what you can, then this group is not for you. We’ll promptly remove anyone who is only one-sided anyway, so don’t bother joining.

Here's what you can expect as a member:

  • Find accountability partners, mentors and potential partnerships with other ambitious, like-minded entrepreneurs who are also in the growth stage of their business.
  • On Demand Expert Advice - Get fast feedback, tips and answers to your most urgent business, marketing and growth challenges… from some of the biggest business experts, celebrity marketers and industry titans.
  • Spark new business connections and strategic partnerships. (With a far-reaching community like ours, you'll have a global network ready-made for you to tap into - without having to build it yourself.

Private Members Directory

Inside the private membership site, you'll be able to connect with your fellow members, etc. etc.


I need to stop here and point out what may be a HUGE “obvious observation”.

My job here is to give you every possible advantage, cover every angle for you and help you build your Evolved Enterprise in the best way I can.

Well, I admit that a “lowly rolodex” may not sound as snazzy as some of the other things we've put together for you, but I know from personal experience, your list of contacts, and the people you can call friends in this world are without ANY doubt the most valuable resource you and your business will ever have.

We all know this to be true in every instance. The very best advice I can give you right now (whether you invest in membership or not), is to build the best possible “rolodex” you can. Every single aspect of your business, it’s impact, and your happiness, will get better.

Find people who’ve “been there and done that”, and if possible, smarter than you, harder workers than you, and more experienced than you.

Then hold on to them just as hard as you can.

I am 100% confident that your fellow members are some of the most incredible individuals you’ll have the pleasure of meeting virtually or in-person, and they will be a “secret weapon” moving forward!

One-On-One Strategy & Implementation Calls With Key Team Leaders

Just to make Good And Sure you are 100% covered, I will schedule one in-depth strategy call just for you with either one (or both) of our on team experts to best implement your jump into the Evolved Enterprise world.

Chris Hay

Chris actually joined as a member of CO|alition himself and realized he wanted to be part of this movement with me. He has started several successful companies, and enjoyed a 7 figure exit from his most recent endeavor Property Star. 

Before Mike joined our team, he worked with a series of 7-figure entrepreneurs and influencers, started a software company and has played a key role in building at scale three seperate successful businesses.

Mike is a serious believer in experience over theory, which is why he’s been in the trenches building and scaling real businesses since he was 18.

He's now narrowed his focus to marketing and scaling businesses that are focused on creating meaningful impact in the world.

Believe me when I tell you that I totally entrust these 2 to solve key challenges or rise the occasion with new opportunities that open up hereat Evolved Enterprise. I am beyond confident in their laser focus and ability to find and exploit new profit opportunities, new thinking and new directions for your business.

During your calls, each one a full hour, they will offer help in identifying your best leverage points and optimizing them so you can use your unique strengths to put out your most meaningful work and get the impact you deserve.

Meet Partners, Mentors and
Friends Face-To-Face at Live Events and Gatherings

No matter how far technology has come, there’s nothing quite like connecting with people face-to-face in the real world. That’s why we put on several live events every year… to bring together our members and spark connections, idea sharing, partnerships and friendships. You will receive significant discounts on our exclusive events .

We put on all kinds of radically different events, including:

  • Intimate Evolved Enterprise Masterminds and private workshops.
  • Invite-only Maverick experiences ranging from high-flying adrenaline adventures, epic experiences around the world, or impact trips to make a difference.
  • Private 'closed door' sessions with celebrity icons such as Tim Ferriss, Tony Hsieh, or Russell Simmons.
  • Retreats with high-achieving entrepreneurs on Sir Richard Branson’s private island!
Yes! Count Me In

“Here’s one of the most exciting events you’ll get a special discount for…”

Camp Maverick

Imagine Heading To Sleep Away Camp With A Group Of Exceptional Entrepreneurs To Learn, Connect, and Play Together…

…and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what Camp Maverick is all about.

The big idea is to totally take over a full blown 300-acre summer camp in the beautiful Berkshire mountains in Connecticut - for an experience that’s the complete opposite of the stuffy, sterile business conferences almost everyone else puts on.

Being at Camp Maverick is like being in a choose-your-own-adventure story. You’ll get to choose what adventures to have, what topics to learn about, and how much to disconnect from the outside world.

Your ‘Camp counselors’ are founders who have grown some of the world's fastest growing companies or those that are simply the ‘best-of-the-best’ experts in their fields. They’ll be leading interactive workshops where you actually get to participate… rather than just listening passively to speeches all day.

This is a very small and intimate gathering with very limited space. In order to create the most extraordinary experience possible, we hand-select only the most remarkable people who are doing something truly innovative with their business, care about making a difference and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Previous campers include such extraordinary high-achieving entrepreneurs as:

  • An 8-figure natural supplement company founder.
  • A $70MM land development company CEO.
  • 3-time INC5000 company generating multiple 7-figures running social sports leagues.
  • One of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential List.
  • Podcaster with 1.1M listeners per month.
  • 1 of only 3 people to have 3 NY Times Best Sellers on the list at the same time (3 million copies in print of his books and movie adaptation).

If you want to rub shoulders with giants, and make connections that could lead to highly profitable partnerships or lifelong friendships… this is the perfect place to do it.

And it’s a TON of fun, as you can see in the video below (although even that doesn’t quite do it justice):

Aside from all the opportunities to connect with and learn from the exceptional entrepreneurs in our network… we’ve also come up with other ways our members can use the network effect to constantly amplify each other’s results…

Get Your Business in First-Rate Publications Like USA Today & Conscious Company Magazine

I’m so excited about pushing this movement forward that I decided to take out ads in first-rate publications featuring Catalyst CO|alition members.

We want to tell the world about what it means to do business differently and put the attention on you as an Evolved Enterprise.

Here are 2 places we’ve previously featured members:

Half-Page Ad in USA Today

This one was expensive. USA Today’s circulation is over 4 million and just a 1/3 page ad costs $63,500.

But SOCIAL PROOF is one of the key ingredients for gaining attention, authority and trust for your business. There’s no better way to do that than appearing in a major publication like USA Today.

With your acceptance into the Accredited Evolved Enterprise program, you become qualified to join this prestigious club of Evolved Entrepreneurs!

Being able to say “As seen in USA Today” builds your brand, drives sales and helps you achieve your mission. It’s an incredibly valuable asset for positioning and marketing.

That’s why a typical pay-per-placement fee to get mentioned in a publication with a circulation of 500,000+ is a whopping $3,400.00.

Aside from USA Today, we also put select CO|alition members on display in the highly-targeted Conscious Company magazine…

Conscious Company Magazine is the ONLY print and digital publication in the U.S that focuses solely on sustainable businesses that are doing well by doing good.

A feature in Conscious Company puts your brand directly in front of a huge audience of forward thinking, influential people who are also passionate about the power of business to make a positive impact on the world...,/p>

...not to mention instantly elevate your company's image, brand, and goodwill.

Your business could be alongside such previously featured luminaries as John Mackey co-CEO of Whole Foods, Ari Weinzweig co-founder of Zingermans, Chip Conley former CEO Joie de Vivre hotels, fashion icon Eileen Fisher and many others.

We will of course continue to pick major media outlets to get our members exposure. But we’re not stopping there…

Join Forces with Other Evolved
Enterprise Brand With This Official Accreditation Seal

Companies that stand for something and seek to do good have a huge competitive advantage in the market. That’s one of the core ideas of Evolved Enterprise.

But in order for the market to give you credit for your good intentions, you have to declare them to the world! Here’s one way you can do that…

You’ll get an exclusive opportunity to apply to become an Accredited Evolved Enterprise. If approved, you’ll get a special trust seal so you can leverage the Evolved Enterprise’s brand!

When you add this online trustmark to your site showcasing you are an Accredited Evolved Enterprise. It identifies you as a business that has a noble mission and cares about more than just profits. That builds trust and goodwill among your customers.

Many members celebrate their approval as a “rite of passage” and consider it a wonderful excuse for a party!

(In fact, badges, seals and trustmarks have been proven to increase conversion by as much as 37%.)

The more CO|alition members that use the seal… the more recognition it will have to the public… and the more value it will have as a trust-booster.

As the Evolved Enterprise brand spreads, with more businesses joining the CO|alition and adding the seal to their own sites.

It’s a virtuous cycle that helps all of us, and will accelerate exponentially over time. You will be given a priority application for the seal, as well as a fast tracked review!

As I said in the beginning, we’ve started a movement. The seal is one way to get more exposure for the Evolved Enterprise concept and all the businesses that are applying it. But we also promote our CO|alition members in more direct ways…

Public Relations & Press Team

We’ve made arrangements to secure a premier Press team that’ll be actively pitching stories of successfuly accredited Evolved Enterprises in all sorts of different media outlets.

Their mission is to drive stories in the media about Evolved Enterprises. They’ll get innovative and impactful CO|alition members featured in a wide range of publications.

Our press team has significant experience in print and digital media, strategic partnerships, content development and media relations.

Welcome to ‘Mission Megaphone”!

One part of the incredible value that Coalition brings to accredited members is the “Mission Megaphone” program!

I have convened a special team to pour through case studies and mission statements of Coalition members to sort out the best of the best.

We will then multiply their exposure and reach by promoting them to our entire list of subscribers, buyers and fans here at Evolved enterprise!

This endorsement and media push can be the “break” it takes for a company to make it into the bright lights of success, and it wouldn't be the first time by a long shot!

We’ve covered a LOT, Here’s a recap…

Membership in the NEW Evolved
Catalyst CO|alition
Gives You All of This:

  • Access to the Evolved Business Blueprint Course that guides you through the process of creating your business plan - step-by-step.
  • Business Model Brainstorming - See the Evolved Enterprise principles being implemented in real businesses right in front of your face… With a chance to be coached on camera.
  • Comprehensive Evolved Enterprise ‘Swipe File’ Library - Dramatically increase your speed of implementation with this massive collection of pre-made parts & pieces.
  • Access to the Evolved Business Blueprint training program
  • Private Evolved Enterprise Mastermind Community - Tap into the combined expertise of our network of industry titans, innovative entrepreneurs, and fellow CO|alition members.
  • One strategy call to help you implement the Evolved Enterprise framework to unlock the ultimate competitive advantage in you business
  • Special COworking calls with my own expert team members to dig down to the core challenges you may be facing, then create strategies for making them a thing of the past.
  • Special Discounted Invitations to Live Events and Gatherings - Connect with fellow Evolved Entrepreneurs face-to-face and spark new relationships with mentors, partners and friends.
  • Opportunity to Receive Accredited Evolved Enterprise Status - Declare your principles to the world… and instantly boost your reputation and trustworthiness in the eyes of your prospects.
  • Media Exposure in USA Today & other outlets for accredited members - Get recognized as a business with a noble mission with your company included in our ads in USA Today & Others!
  • Public Relations and Press Team for accredited members- Benefit from media stories that shine a spotlight on the Evolved Enterprise concept… and have a chance to get your business featured.

The NEW Evolved Enterprise Catalyst CO|alition Is The Ultimate Way for Evolved Entrepreneurs to Truly Create Your Competitive Advantage

Your investment for everything included is just $108 monthly or $1,000 annually to continue after the first year.
Now, here is the weird part..

There are a lot of people out there who will be asking to themselves “Why so much”, and an even higher number of people asking “Why so little”..

The answer to this quandary is simple...

For some, an advanced option like this is like trying to swat a mosquito with a guided missile. It’s just too much at an early stage.

However, for those of us who ARE in growing businesses and primed for even faster growth, the question becomes “How could I ever afford not to become a part of this”? Or, if you are transitioning into your next greatest chapter, this is the kick in the pants and support you need.

To be clear, this isn't about just money. If you were to add up all the individual price tags, all the value, and all the real world time that so many people will be dedicating to your success, The number would be pretty darn high.

The fee here is all about making this a “non decision” for anyone with the right set of needs, the right growth, mindset, and a firm belief in the Evolved Enterprise mission and values.

In other words, someone just like you...

My #1 priority is to help Evolved Entrepreneurs move ahead with their businesses. We are building a movement that doesn’t exclude entrepreneurs because of price tags but also ensures the seriousness of those joining…

As our community of successful entrepreneurs expands, we all benefit. How high can a group of like-minded business leaders go when we focus on growth, impact and scaling profits using the Evolved Enterprise model? You’re about to find out...

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The guarantee is simple and straightforward. Test the Evolved Enterprise Catalyst CO|alition membership totally risk-free, on me, for one full month.

If you're not absolutely thrilled for any reason (or no reason), I'll cheerfully refund your purchase - no questions asked. (And no note from Mom required.)

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I pledge to uphold the Evolved Enterprise Catalyst CO|alition Code of Conduct and Creed:

  • I will be fully ethical and honest in all business dealings with customers, employees, partners, suppliers and communities.
  • I will provide transparency for how the organization delivers an impact.
  • I will consider how each stakeholder is affected by all decisions.
  • I will use hiring practices that promote diversity and empowerment.
  • I will seek to continually grow and evolve within the organization.
  • I commit to becoming an industry and marketplace leader.
  • I stand for something greater than simply one bottom line.
  • I commit to rewriting the rules of business so everyone wins.
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