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This Is The Ultimate Resource
for Quickly & Effectively Building
Your Own Evolved Enterprise

From Yanik Silver:

Hi again,

Tell me if this has ever happened to you:

You read a book that’s full of great ideas, and you tell yourself you’ve got to implement them as soon as possible.

But then… Something holds you back.

Whether it’s a feeling of intimidation, because there’s just so much to figure out and you’re not sure where to start…

Or it could be a lack of clarity about how to go about implementing the new ideas…


Or you might just feel unsure of yourself… insecure about being able to actually pull it off…

I get it. I’ve experienced all of those at one time or another. That’s why I want to give you as many tools as I possibly can to overcome whatever barriers you’re facing. Because my mission isn’t just to sell books… it’s to catalyze a whole movement of Evolved Entrepreneurs who are making a meaningful impact - and loving every minute of it.

That’s what the Evolved Enterprise Catalyst CO|alition is all about…

We’ve brought together a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are dedicated to helping each other succeed and creating win-win relationships that add value to everyone involved.

The idea is to CO|create, CO|nnect, and CO|amplify our way to accelerated growth, greater impact and higher profits. In order to facilitate your success in every way possible, we’ll…


  • Guide you through a proven, systematic process for planning your Evolved Enterprise - so you don’t have to figure it out on your own through trial-and-error.
  • Let you see the Evolved Enterprise principles being implemented in real-time with real-life businesses - so you get a concrete picture of how to do it… and the confidence to actually execute.
  • Give you a comprehensive ‘swipe file’ library of templates designed specifically for marketing an Evolved Enterprise - so you can implement quickly without having to reinvent the wheel.
  • Give you access to a vast library of video content with the top experts in every aspect of business - so you can fill whatever gaps in your knowledge you need to fill to move forward.


  • Bring you into our private online mastermind of Evolved Entrepreneurs - where you can tap into the combined expertise of all the members in the network, find partnership opportunities, discuss new ideas, and learn innovative new ways of doing business.
  • Give you access to a private location to submit your questions that we’ll pass on to our network of exceptional industry leaders - so you get ‘just-in-time’ advice on whatever problem you’re dealing with right now.
  • Set up private virtual meet-ups with select experts - so you stay on top of what’s working in the market right now.
  • Send you special discounted invites to live events and gatherings - where you’ll be able to connect with fellow Evolved Entrepreneurs and find potential partners, mentors and friends.


  • Provide you with an official ‘Accredited Evolved Enterprise’ seal that you can use to piggy-back on Evolved Enterprise’s brand… and be recognized as a business that’s out to do good, not just make profits.
  • Give you media exposure in USA Today & Conscious Company magazine - so the world will know you’re an Evolved Enterprise with a noble mission to make a difference…
  • Provide a Public Relations and Press Team that will focus on driving media stories featuring innovative and impactful members of the CO|alition - this is another opportunity to get major exposure for your business!

That’s just a brief overview. When you see the full breakdown of everything you get as a member, I think you’ll agree that it’s an unrivaled set of resources.

But this is a lot more than just the concrete tools. It’s a community first and foremost, and it’s filled with supportive, enthusiastic entrepreneurs who give each other help and encouragement when it’s needed.

That’s a very important thing to have for people who have big, audacious goals. Without a supportive community behind us to push us forward through difficult times, success is 10x harder.

We’ll come back to that later…

First, I want to tell you how I’m going to walk you step-by-step through the process of implementing the Evolved Enterprise concepts in your own business…


Gain Clarity on Your Plan with
the Step-by-Step Accelerated
Implementation Course

The Evolved Enterprise book has a lot of great actionable ideas to apply to your business.

However, we wanted to take things a giant step further and actually guide you through the process of planning your own Evolved Enterprise.

Every person has a unique set of passions, interests and abilities. Every business is unique. Each one has different needs and faces different challenges.

That’s why we created a comprehensive 'step-by-step' masterclass for creating an Evolved Enterprise from scratch… complete with detailed examples, practical exercises, and real world action items to help you implement these concepts fully into your business!

This accelerated training program will show you how to adapt the Evolved Enterprise concepts to your unique situation. It’ll walk you through creating a business plan that’s tailor-made to serve your deeper meaning, your happiness and the impact you want to make.


The goal here is to give you a giant dose of clarity and certainty… so you have the confidence to actually do it and join the ranks of Evolved Enterprise business owners.

The course is made up of 6 modules, each one laser focused on one core pillar of the Evolved Enterprise framework.

Each module contains 6 intensive training sessions. After every lesson, you’ll be taken through exercises that will add one more piece to your business plan.

We’ve put a lot of effort into making the lessons as fun and game-like as possible. And by breaking it up into short, interactive lessons, we’ve made it easy to “eat the elephant one bite at a time” to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module #1: Evolved YOU

The Evolved Enterprise model starts with YOU at the center. That’s no accident. The more in-touch you are with what makes you feel happy, fully utilized and contributing in a meaningful way - the more you’ll be delivering your greatest work.

To transform your business into your artistic canvas to creatively merge your head and heart… you first have to understand what’s in your heart.

Module 1 is all about ‘getting to know yourself’ and evolving YOU as an individual.

These lessons give you the tools to create the foundation that your business will be built on. The exercises will help you answer the most important questions of all:

What do you really want? What makes you truly happy and fulfilled? What energizes you and makes you feel fully alive and engaged? What are your unique strengths? Where do you want to end up?


You’ll discover:

  • How to systematically identify your 'core purpose drivers'… how you think, what your mental models are, what you truly believe in, what gets you intrinsically motivated… and then infuse it into your business for greater meaning and passion for what you do.
  • The Entrepreneurial Identity Trap - Why you feel like you're on a never ending entrepreneurial 'emotional' roller coaster (and how to finally 'get off the ride' and achieve a state of peace and acceptance.)
  • The Return Path to Joy, Happiness and Bliss - 9 daily practices you can use immediately to bring more meaning, purpose, and happiness to each day.
  • 5 Powerful 'Assessment Tests' that I (along with dozens of the most successful Maverick entrepreneurs I know) have used to discover our natural born strengths and maximize our talents in our business for more profits, impact, and meaning.
  • A Brand New Way Of Personal Goal Setting That Makes It Virtually Impossible To Fail (I've tried countless goal setting strategies in the past, but none have been as effective as this in keeping me on track and reaching my goals.)
  • 6 Tried And Tested Methods for developing your intuition (originally used by a world renowned psychologist.) 11 'Strange' Yet Powerful Ways to unearth your deepest motivators, talents, and inner mental workings.
  • How to turn 'making money' and 'building your business' into the ultimate expression of artistry and love.

Module #2: CAUSE

True entrepreneurial satisfaction comes from pursuing a compelling and inspiring mission…

It comes from having a greater purpose - a BIG WHY - that’s about more than just meeting your material desires for wealth and consumption…

Basically, true fulfillment comes from having a reason for being that’s centered around what you can create in the world and how you can change things for the better.

Module 2 will guide you to discover your true calling and show you how to integrate it into your business for greater meaning, impact, and profits.


You’ll discover:

  • How discovering your "BIG WHY" and writing it down ignites a blazing bon-fire of contagious enthusiasm… inspiring you and everyone else who touches your business to power through any and all obstacles on your path to collective greatness…
  • Why money is actually a weak motivator and how to tap into something far more potent and profitable in the long run.
  • The "Emotional Equation" Of Despair - A simple 'mathematical' equation that quantifies why you feel 'despair' and how to use this new level of awareness to minimize despair and suffering in your life.
  • 4 'Portals' Into Your Authentic Why (if you're struggling to find your life mission and your purpose - start here.) How to craft a captivating company 'Origin Story' that people want to share.
  • How To 'Piggy-Back' off the reputation and reach of well-known cause partners for instant boosts in credibility, conversion, and coverage.
  • A little known "hack" for tapping into the authority of 'hard to reach' cause organizations. (The biggest and most well known cause partners are often super busy, but you can use this simple strategy to 'skip the line' and get to them first.)
  • My ‘Secret Weapon’ for expanding my awareness, organizing my thoughts and ideas, and coming up with breakthrough ideas for my business, my happiness, and my life.

Module #3: VISION

Once you have your WHY worked out, you need to dial in the HOW…

How do you capture the hearts of not just your customers and clients… but also your employees, outsourcers, investors, partners and suppliers… so they’re inspired to join your mission? We’ll be answering that in this module…

Module 3 shows you how to create your ultimate vision for your business that will drive you, your team, your partners, your vendors and your customers to the next level and beyond… giving you an unassailable competitive advantage.


You’ll discover:

  • The secret to transforming your business from just another product or service seller - where price, selection, and service are the only opportunities for differentiation… to a beloved hub where shared values, a common cause and mutual identity come together in a way that can NOT be mimicked.
  • How to create a detailed roadmap and time bound plan-of-action for birthing your vision into the material world and nurturing it into a profitable and self-sustaining entity…
  • How to formulate your 'North Star' - a mission statement and powerful tag-line that instantly telegraph what your company stands for…
  • How to create an intricate 'Painted Picture' of your company that you can use as a powerful weapon to inspire your team, engage customers, reach new partners, attract the best talent, and even make decisions on a day to day basis.
  • 6 Mental Tricks For Overcoming Your Internal Blocks And Casting Your Vision (It can be overwhelming when you first try to commit your vision to ink... here are 6 easy things you can do to free up your creativity, unlock the idea floodgates, and finally get your entire vision down on paper.)
  • 5 critical components you must include in your vision statement to garner the biggest impact (use this 5 piece framework to streamline your writing process and get the most important points addressed.)
  • A common mistake first time 'vision-creators' make that renders their vision statement virtually useless.
  • A Powerful Visualization Technique that'll help ignite your imagination and put forth the grandest vision you can for your company.
  • A Powerful Brainstorming Process That Helps you generate and organize ideas rapidly by leveraging how our brains actually work (if you've ever struggled to spark up ideas, this process will change the game completely for you.)

Module #4: CULTURE

Every institution has an internal culture, including your business. You can either set the culture intentionally so it’s aligned with your vision and values…

…or you can let it happen by accident - and hope and pray you don’t end up with a culture that works against your mission.

The attitudes, values, and beliefs that make up the culture of your business have a profound impact on the performance of your employees, outsourcers, partners, suppliers and - of course - customers.

Culture is like the DNA of your business… it determines how all the individuals that make up your business work together (or don’t) in pursuit of your vision.


In Module 4, you’ll learn the secrets to creating a world class culture
from the bottom up, including:

  • How to operationally implement your core values… so you can harmonize the interests and actions of a diverse group of employees, outsourcers, partners, suppliers, customers and investors… bringing them together as a cohesive team and rallying them around your mission…
  • The secret to communicating your mission in a way that lights up the most talented collaborators… filling them with faith, energy, and enthusiasm for your cause… so they’ll be ALL IN, ready to bring their 'A-GAME'
  • How adversity crushes normal businesses… yet actually strengthens a team with a strong unifying code of belief, guiding principles and shared values.
  • Why culture is directly linked to the performance of your company… and how to use language, material symbols, images and rituals to consciously manage it in your favor…
  • The REAL reason your best talent will leave your company (hint: it’s NOT money, benefits, and things you THINK matter most.)
  • The 'Culture Pyramid' - The 3 Stages to building a mission-driven high-performing culture from the bottom up. 5 Foundational Elements You MUST have in place in order to clearly define your culture (without these 5 elements in place, your culture is left to chance and haphazard interpretation.)
  • A little known survey tool that helps you create an environment of openness, dialogue, and honest communication with your team to continuously improve team cohesiveness and alignment.
  • 6 Critical Components for creating ENGAGEMENT in your company culture (Studies have shown that 70% of workers are either not engaged or actively disengaged... meaning they are actively trying to sabotage your business… install these 6 components to quickly turn it around.)

Module #5: CREATION

Once you’ve laid out your values, purpose and vision, it’s time to integrate that into the very essence of your business… so every sale makes an impact towards the cause that inspires you.
Here’s where the rubber really meets the road.

When you put your full heart into your products and services - and you genuinely believe you’re doing good with every sale… that also lets you put your full heart into marketing and selling.

In fact, it feels less like selling and more like authentically ‘inviting’ the right prospects to buy. Your noble cause can inspire trust and loyalty that your “ordinary” competitors can only dream of.


Module 5 will show you how to ‘bake-in’ an impact right into your products and services… so doing business with you becomes an act of pride, a source of belonging and community, and perhaps even a moral obligation. We’ll cover:

  • How to find, develop and productize your meaningful difference.
  • The 11 Evolved Enterprise Impact Models and how to zero in on the one that best fits your product and service. (Plus how to publicize your IMPACT for massive customers goodwill and media exposure…)
  • The Triangulation Theory for interconnecting your entire business ecosystem for exponential contribution… where everybody wins and everyone grows…
  • Dozens of synergistic ways you, your customers, and your partners can do well by doing good… while spinning off marketplace-driven abundance, compassion, and value.
  • A simple mental framework you can use to instantly differentiate your company from the competition and place yourself in a category of one.
  • How to leverage the Evolved Enterprise 'Halo Effect' to secure major media attention, hard to reach partnerships and viral word of mouth marketing.
  • How to uncover hidden opportunities inside your business to tell your story, establish your unique positioning, and spread your mission.

Module #6: COMMUNITY CODE 2.0

Let’s face it—companies that can harness the power of extremely loyal customers win! They get to spend less on marketing and advertising. Their customers keep buying like crazy, and they even love to share your product or service with their friends.

Can you imagine customers loving what you do so much, they would tattoo your logo on their bodies, like Harley Davidson lovers do? That’s the kind of loyalty, appreciation, delight and devotion you’ll learn to foster in this final module.


This module is your blueprint to catalyze a tribe of raving fans, zealots and advocates who fuse their identity directly to your brand. You’ll discover:

  • How to design your brand to appeal to a carefully chosen character archetype… so your product or service becomes a symbol of their very identity…
  • How to create company artifacts, symbol, and stories that fuse people together against a common enemy… and for the collective good…
  • How to make your customers feel like heroes. (Your products and services become the sword they wield on their journey toward a richer and more rewarding life.)
  • What your 'brand' really is and why most entrepreneurs get it completely wrong.
  • Discover the 12 "Brand Archetypes" that every highly successful brand In history originates from and how to choose the one that best fits your company.
  • The 9 Community Decoders that drive group behavior, alignment, and cohesiveness and how to apply these to your business to build a devoted legion of fans for your products and services.
  • How to create your company's own 'secret language' to bring customers together in a meaningful way and create a sense of exclusivity.
  • An advanced strategy 'cult leaders' use to create diehard communities of followers and how you too can use this technique to inspire a throng of loyal customers and fans (don't worry, this is 100% ethical if done right, and in fact it actually creates a better buying experience for your customers.)
  • How to craft a company 'manifesto' that creates alignment and 'togetherness' among your customers.
  • The 3 segments of every community: members, influencers, and celebrity icons. (Picture your community as the concentric circles.)
  • The one question I ask to connect with celebrity icons and attract them into my community.
  • How to create a 'member driven' organization where your customers actually co-create your business growth with you.
  • 5 different roles of members in your community and how to deal with each one.

We didn’t just slap this course together just to have an upsell to offer you. We carefully developed this material by testing it on real-world businesses.

The first version of this course came out of our global Maverick1000 network ‘stress-testing’ and experimenting with the Evolved Enterprise concepts in a wide variety of real businesses.

Now, we’ve completely overhauled and improved the course again based on the feedback we got on the original version. The new version is more clear, more comprehensive and more engaging than ever before!

That’s the kind of care we’re taking to help entrepreneurs apply the Evolved Enterprise concepts in the real world.

But for our CO|alition members, we go even further…


Watch Us Completely Rework
Real-Life Businesses LIVE
Right Before Your Eyes

Sometimes it’s not enough to read a description of how to do something. Sometimes you just need to see it done right in front of you - and then it “clicks”.

Seeing a concrete example of the Evolved Enterprise concepts being applied in the real world can give you a lot more clarity and confidence that YOU can do it too.

That’s why I let everyone in the CO|alition eavesdrop when I’m coaching another member through transforming their business.
Every month you’ll be able to watch my Business Model

Brainstorming sessions with real CO|alition members and their businesses.

You’ll get to see us brainstorm exactly how to re-invent a business to deliver a meaningful impact and greater profits using the Evolved Enterprise concepts.



On top of that, you’ll see the exact process I use with my coaching clients to come up with a plan of action for their business. This is the very processes you’ll learn in the Advanced Implementation Course - and we’ll give you a live demonstration of it in action!

If you’re unsure of whether you’re doing it right… or just need the confidence boost of seeing someone else go through the process successfully… seeing these brainstorming sessions can show you what’s possible, push you to a higher level of motivation, and give you some great ideas to try in your own business.

Of course, you’ll also be able to apply to get coached by me (at no extra cost). But only if you agree to let your fellow CO|alition members eavesdrop in on us…

Even if you’re not selected you’ll get a lot of valuable insights and actionable ideas from watching these Business Model Brainstorming sessions - not to mention the inspiration of seeing that the Evolved Enterprise concepts really do work in the real world!

Here are some examples of brainstorming sessions I’ve done in the past…

Working with Maverick NEXT member, Anthony Balduzzi, we developed a key cause that truly made sense around his life story. Anthony was already doing well with his health & fitness information publishing business but was in the midst of a serious rebranding initiative. He had put a lot of thought into both our updated website design and revamped brand messaging to specifically niche down to helping men over 40 lose weight and regain their energy – but I didn’t think that was enough.

Here’s how Anthony remembers our work together:

“Our big aim with the rebranding was to empower our information publishing business model to have a far greater social impact than simply selling eBooks and weight loss courses online. Within the first 10 minutes of the call, Yanik adeptly assessed the strong, unexploited niche that our rebranded business could become a market leader in: helping fathers over 40 lose weight and regain their vibrant health.

With our more focused audience in place, Yanik then helped us construct a new product offering (weight loss challenge for charity) that would help increase our revenue, improve our customer experience, and enable our brand to have the social impact we wanted with our rebrand with 10x the potential brand impact.”

It all started with Anthony’s story that I helped dig out to make a more meaningful connection to his cause. Together, we came up with the concept for ‘Fit Father Project’ and it’s full steam ahead for him. Tragically Anthony’s father died from brain cancer just before his 10th birthday and that created a burning desire to help that’s never gone away. He says it on his site:

I promised Dad that no fathers would ever have to go through his pain and lack of health. Not on my watch. And I set out on a 10 year mission to figure out exactly how men get (and stay) healthy for life. I know it's what Dad would have wanted.

We worked on matching up this compelling story with a cause that would matter and really fit here. Going back to the time he was a kid, he picked Camp Kesem as their cause because they put kids into summer camp whose parents are battling cancer. He has a real innovative model we developed to make a difference:

We donate a baseline 10% of all our profits to Camp Kesem. For every pound you lose on any of our programs, we donate an additional $1 directly to a Camp Kesem attendee fund.

Another Maverick NEXT’er I worked with was putting together a line of clothing in a very particular marketplace. (I’ll keep the details a little vague since I don’t want to give everything away as he is still in the process of implementing these ideas.) Now the marketplace has some already well-defined community values in place and we created a well-defined cause partner for each of the core community values that customers could choose. We also spent a lot of time talking about identity and community. After the session here’s what he reported:

“I felt like applying Evolved Enterprise to our business takes it a step up, from being a basic transactional retailer, to the next level of being an entity bigger than just itself, with more purpose. Evolved Enterprise is a different type of thinking that helps focus on delivering value.”

Doing this type of brainstorming is absolutely essential for taking your business to another level beyond a one-dimensional, transactional company.

I’d normally charge $1,000/hour or $10,000/day for one-on-one consulting… but since I rarely do private consulting these days, this is one of the only ways to get my direct help.

I’m only one man with the same 24 hours in a day that everyone else has, so not everyone can access me directly…

However, you will be able to access me indirectly, by taking advantage of a lot of work I’ve done for you in advance…



Implement at the Speed of Light
with Our Comprehensive Evolved
Enterprise ‘Swipe File’ Library

It can take a lot of copy to run a business - web pages, sales letters, emails, product packaging, ads… the list is endless.

If you tried to sit down and write all that yourself, you could easily find yourself overwhelmed… and it would take a lot longer to get your new implementation plan off the ground.

You might not be able to afford a team of copywriters to get it done quickly - especially if you’re just starting out. (And good writers who really understand your business can be hard to find…)

Like I said, my goal here is to empower entrepreneurs like you to actually build an Evolved Enterprise… rather than just reading about it and never implementing. I want to remove as many obstacles as I can from your path.

That’s why I give CO|alition members access to my massive ‘swipe file’ library of marketing examples, promotions, and ideas in action.



It’s a little known fact that ad writers, marketing professionals and creatives all keep extensive ‘swipe files’ - collections of tested and proven material used as a ready reference of ideas for projects.

Why reinvent the wheel, when you can take something that’s already proven to work… and adapt it for your own purposes?

Just imagine how much faster you’ll be able to put your plan into action…

…when you have an entire arsenal of nearly ready-to-implement “parts & pieces” stashed away ready for you to model and modify for your business.

I’ve collected this enormous ‘swipe file’ library over 8+ years of studying, researching, and developing the Evolved Enterprise concepts. The examples you’ll find inside are tailor-made to be used in Evolved Enterprises.

You’ll have a full library filled with:

  • Sales parts and pieces
  • Marketing assets
  • Database and Opt-in capture
  • About Us (Story selling & ‘creation story’)
  • Cause related copy
  • Split-tested shopping cart examples
  • Signage
  • Point-of-purchase examples
  • Package design and package inserts
  • Community elements and creeds
  • Vision and Mission documents
  • Core Values
  • Communications
  • Impact Scoreboards and much more…

Instant Salesletters 2.0

That’s all in the Comprehensive Evolved Enterprise ‘Swipe File’ Library… but it doesn’t end there…

As a CO|alition member, you’ll also get 2 more sets of ‘done-for-you’ marketing tools and swipe copy that I normally sell as stand-alone products:

Instant Marketing Toolbox

A year's collection of proven, pre-done marketing promotions to instantly skyrocket your bottom line. 90% of the hard work is already done for for you so you can start profiting right away. Each strategy is outlined in detail giving you the 'why it works’ and the exact steps to easily customize it to your business. You'll get:

  • Sales Letters
  • Powerful Offers
  • Telephone Scripts
  • Order Forms
  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Signage
  • And More

These resources will drastically cut down the amount of work you’ll have to do and radically increase your speed-of-implementation. Now, what happens when you get stuck? What happens when you don’t have the specialized knowledge you need for your next step? That’s why we’ve got supplemental training in every aspect of business imaginable…


Fill In the Gaps In Your Business
Knowledge On-Demand with Our
Maverick MBA Training Library

There are too many different facets of business for any one person to master them all in one lifetime…

Sales & marketing, product design, operations & management, hiring, getting funding, customer service… the list of things you could learn about business goes on forever…

…obviously you won’t need to do it all yourself. That would be impossible.

But wouldn’t it be great to know that IF you do need to learn about any particular aspect… you could access top-notch education from leading experts in that area - in just a few clicks?

That’s exactly what you get with the Maverick MBA training library you’ll get access to as a CO|alition member.

Fact is - you never know what you don’t know until you really need it. Maverick MBA provides you the ‘just-in-time’ on-demand training you need… exactly when you need it.

We’ve organized it so that no matter what situation you find yourself in, you can easily find the training you’re looking for.


Maverick MBA Includes Training in
Every One of the Following Categories:

Your Maverick MBA teachers aren’t the usual speakers you see at the big conferences regurgitating second-hand info. Nor are they ivory tower academics who know everything that’s been written in textbooks - and nothing about the real world…

Your Maverick MBA “professors” are real-world entrepreneurs who are in the trenches (just like you and me) each and everyday.

They’re ‘regular’ people who’re busy building great businesses behind the scenes… not pushing themselves into the spotlight and being written about in business magazines or in books.

Here’s a Small Sampling of the “Underground”
Maverick Mentors Ready to Spill Their Secrets:

Maverick MBA doesn’t have to be only for you - it’s a resource that can help your whole team. Each team member can use Maverick MBA to get educated on the areas they’re responsible for.

Imagine having your entire team using cutting-edge techniques throughout every function of your business… and you can see how powerful this can be.

But what if you have a new idea or problem that’s totally unique to your business - and you need someone to give you personalized advice?

That’s where the community comes in…


Tap Into the Brightest Minds
in a Wide Variety of Industries
Through the Private Evolved
Enterprise Mastermind Community

We didn’t just want to create a collection of static courses that - by their nature - can’t adapt to your unique needs (although the courses we’ve put together are extremely high-quality and comprehensive.)

We also wanted to offer real, two-way, human-to-human communication to help address your own unique situation and challenges.

The combined expertise of everyone in our network is far greater than any one individual could ever learn in a lifetime… and we’ll give you several ways to tap into that vast reservoir of knowledge.

First, you'll get an exclusive invitation to the Evolved Enterprise Mastermind - a private Facebook group where you can connect with not only your fellow CO|alition members, but also with the Maverick MBA mentors and experts.

This is where our community members get together to share advice, resources, connections, critiques and ideas - and to provide moral support and accountability. Here, you’ll be able to ASK for help and get advice specific to your particular situation.

Now, understand that this is not a place for moochers or blatant promoters. This is a place to exchange value for value, and you’re expected to give as well as take.

If you’re not willing to contribute what you can, then this group is not for you. We’ll promptly remove anyone who is only one-sided anyway, so don’t bother joining.

Here's what you can expect as a member:

  • Find accountability partners, mentors and potential partnerships with other ambitious, like-minded entrepreneurs who are also in the growth stage of their business.
  • On Demand Expert Advice - Get fast feedback, tips and answers to your most urgent business, marketing and growth challenges… from some of the biggest business growth experts, celebrity marketers and industry titans.
  • Spark new business connections and strategic partnerships. (With a far-reaching community like ours, you'll have a global network ready-made for you to tap into - without having to build it yourself.)

Here’s the second way you can tap into the collective intelligence of this remarkable group…


Get Your Urgent Questions
Answered by Industry Titans
Through Our Maverick Q&A

You have a question. You want to make sure it gets into the hands of the best expert for that particular topic. Only, you’re not sure who that is…

With such a big network, you won’t necessarily know all the strengths and experience of every member.

That’s why we have a system for routing your question straight to the right people with the right expertise…

As a CO|alition member, you’ll have access to a private location to submit your individual and unique question.

Then we’ll pass it on to whoever’s the best fit for the question within our Maverick network of exceptional industry leaders.

The reason our Maverick mentors are willing to invest their precious time answering these questions is because it’ll be added to our ever-expanding collection of educational resources - so everyone else in the community will also be able to learn from your question and answer.

Here’s yet another way you can get your questions answered…



Attend Private Virtual Meet-Ups
with New Experts Every Month

Aside from the Maverick mentors, I’d also like to introduce you to my own personal network of insider connections of ‘underground’ entrepreneurs.

You won’t find them at big conferences or being written about in business magazines or in books… These innovators are quietly dominating their industries behind the scenes by re-thinking the standard business models.

Each month, I’ll invite one or more select experts to a private virtual meet-up with CO|alition members. I'll take the lead on the interview, but you'll also be given a chance to ask questions whenever possible.

These expert meet-ups will help you stay on top of new innovations that are working in the market right now.

If you can’t catch one of the meet-ups live, don’t worry. The recordings will all be available for CO|alition members to watch whenever you want.

Aside from all these ways to connect with experts, mentors and peers online… we also want to give you plenty of opportunities to connect in-person…


Meet Partners, Mentors and
Friends Face-To-Face at Live
Events and Gatherings

No matter how far our internet technologies have come, there’s nothing quite like connecting with people face-to-face in the real world.

It’s a more real, more intimate level of communication. That’s why we put on several live events every year… to bring together our members and spark connections, idea sharing, partnerships and friendships.

Now, so far everything we’ve covered is included in the Evolved Enterprise Catalyst CO|alition membership with no extra charge. But live events are costly things, requiring ticket prices several thousand dollars… so it just wouldn’t be possible to give that to our members for free.

However, we CAN give you huge discounts on these events. Whenever we put on an event, we’ll send you an exclusive discounted invitation that will save you over $1,000+ on the ticket price.

We put on all kinds of radically different events, including:

  • Intimate Evolved Enterprise Masterminds and private workshops.
  • Invite-only Maverick experiences ranging from high-flying adrenaline adventures, epic experiences around the world, or impact trips to make a difference.
  • Private 'closed door' sessions with celebrity icons such as Tim Ferriss, Tony Hsieh, or Russell Simmons.
  • Retreats with high-achieving entrepreneurs on Sir Richard Branson’s private island!

Here’s an example of one of our favorite new events…

Camp Maverick

Imagine Heading To Sleep Away Camp With A Group Of Exceptional Entrepreneurs To Learn, Connect, and Play Together…

…and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what Camp Maverick is all about.

The big idea is to totally take over a full blown 300-acre summer camp in the beautiful Berkshire mountains in Connecticut - for an experience that’s the complete opposite of the stuffy, sterile business conferences almost everyone else puts on.

Being at Camp Maverick is like being in a choose-your-own-adventure story. You’ll get to choose what adventures to have, what topics to learn about, and how much to disconnect from the outside world.

Your ‘Camp counselors’ are founders who have grown some of the world's fastest growing companies or those that are simply the ‘best-of-the-best’ experts in their fields. They’ll be leading interactive workshops where you actually get to participate… rather than just listening passively to speeches all day.

This is a very small and intimate gathering with very limited space. In order to create the most extraordinary experience possible, we hand-select only the most remarkable people who are doing something truly innovative with their business, care about making a difference and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Previous campers include such extraordinary high-achieving entrepreneurs as:

  • An 8-figure natural supplement company founder.
  • A $70MM land development company CEO.
  • 3-time INC5000 company generating multiple 7-figures running social sports leagues.
  • One of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential List.
  • Podcaster with 1.1M listeners per month.
  • 1 of only 3 people to have 3 NY Times Best Sellers on the list at the same time (3 million copies in print of his books and movie adaptation).

If you want to rub shoulders with giants, and make connections that could lead to highly profitable partnerships or lifelong friendships… this is the perfect place to do it.

And it’s a TON of fun, as you can see in the video below (although even that doesn’t quite do it justice):

Aside from all the opportunities to connect with and learn from the exceptional entrepreneurs in our network… we’ve also come up with other ways our members can use the network effect to amplify each other’s results…


Piggy-Back on the Evolved
Enterprise Brand With This
Official Accreditation Seal

Companies that stand for something and seek to do good have a huge competitive advantage in the market. That’s one of the core ideas of Evolved Enterprise.

But in order for the market to give you credit for your benevolent intentions, you have to declare them to the world! Here’s one way you can do that…

Add this online trustmark to your site showcasing you are an Accredited Evolved Enterprise™. This identifies you as a business that has a noble mission and cares about more than just profits. That builds trust and goodwill among your customers. (In fact, badges, seals and trustmarks have been proven to increase conversion by as much as 37%.)

The more CO|alition members we get to use the seal… the more recognition it will have to the public… and the more value it will have as a trust-booster.

And as the Evolved Enterprise brand spreads, we’ll get more businesses joining the CO|alition and adding the seal to their own sites…

It’s a virtuous cycle that helps all of us, and will accelerate exponentially over time.

As I said in the beginning, I’m looking to start a movement. The seal is one way to get more exposure for the Evolved Enterprise concept and all the businesses that are applying it. But we also want to promote our CO|alition members in more direct ways…


Get Your Business in First-Rate
Publications Like USA Today
& Conscious Company Magazine

I’m so excited about pushing this movement forward that I decided to take out ads in first-rate publications featuring Catalyst COalition members.

We want to tell the world about what it means to do business differently and put the attention on you as an Evolved Enterprise.

Here are 2 places we’ve previously featured members:

Half-Page Ad in USA Today

This one was expensive. USA Today’s circulation is over 4 million and just a 1/3 page ad costs $63,500.

But SOCIAL PROOF is one of the key ingredients for gaining attention, authority and trust for your business. There’s no better way to do that than appearing in a major publication like USA Today.

Being able to say “As seen in USA Today” builds your brand, drives sales and helps you achieve your mission. It’s an incredibly valuable asset for positioning and marketing.

That’s why a typical pay-per-placement fee to get mentioned in a publication with a circulation of 500,000+ is a whopping $3,400.00.

Aside from USA Today, we also put COalition members on display in the highly-targeted Conscious Company magazine…

Full-Page Ad in Conscious Company Magazine

Conscious Company Magazine is the ONLY print and digital publication in the U.S that is focused solely on sustainable businesses that are doing well by doing good.

It has a nationwide circulation of 15,000 readers and is growing fast. (Readers doubled in the first year.)

A feature in Conscious Company will put your brand directly in front of a rapidly growing audience of forward thinking, influential people who are also passionate about the power of business to make a positive impact on the world...

… not to mention instantly elevate your company's image, brand, and goodwill.

Your business could be alongside such previously featured luminaries as John Mackey co-CEO of Whole Foods, Ari Weinzweig co-founder of Zingermans, Chip Conley former CEO Joie de Vivre hotels, fashion icon Eileen Fisher and many others.

“We believe that a new definition of success in business is emerging - a definition that is motivated by a growing dissatisfaction with the "status quo," an overall shift towards a values-driven economy, and one that is ultimately centered on a company’s ability to have a positive effect on society and the environment - taking all stakeholders into account - in addition to turning a profit. We want to celebrate these businesses by featuring the stories of companies that operate consciously, by providing their leaders with a megaphone to inspire other businesses to do the same, and by showing the world just how powerful business can be when used as a force for good.”


Those are two examples of the excellent sources of publicity we’ve given our COalition members, and we’ll continue to pick major media outlets to get our members exposure. But we’re not stopping there…

Public Relations and Press Team

We’ve secured a premier Press team that’ll be promoting Evolved Enterprises in loads of different media outlets.

Their mission is to drive stories in the media about Evolved Enterprises. They’ll get innovative and impactful CO|alition members featured in a wide range of publications.

Our press team has significant experience in print and digital media, strategic partnerships, content development and media relations.

This is a huge package of resources, and I’d understand if you don’t remember everything we’ve covered here. So let’s recap…

Membership in the Evolved
Catalyst CO|alition
Gives You All of This:

  • Accelerated Implementation Course that guides you through the process of creating your business plan - step-by-step.
  • Business Model Brainstorming - See the Evolved Enterprise principles being implemented in real businesses right in front of your face… and have a chance to be selected to be coached on camera.
  • Comprehensive Evolved Enterprise ‘Swipe File’ Library - Dramatically increase your speed of implementation with this massive collection of pre-made parts & pieces.
  • Maverick MBA Training Library - Access a vast library of training in every aspect of business… delivered by highly successful real-world entrepreneurs and industry leaders.
  • Private Evolved Enterprise Mastermind Community - Tap into the combined expertise of our network of industry titans, innovative entrepreneurs, and fellow CO|alition members.
  • Members-Only Q&A Submission - Get your questions answered by the most qualified experts in our network… and get ‘just-in-time’ advice on the problems you’re facing now.
  • Private Virtual Meet-Ups - Find out what new innovations are working in the market right now from ‘underground’ entrepreneurs pulled from my own personal network.
  • Discounted Invitations to Live Events and Gatherings - Connect with fellow Evolved Entrepreneurs face-to-face and spark new relationships with mentors, partners and friends.
  • Official ‘Accredited Evolved Enterprise’ Seal - Declare your principles to the world… and instantly boost your reputation and trustworthiness in the eyes of your prospects.
  • Media Exposure in USA Today & Conscious Company Magazine - Get recognized as a business with a noble mission when your company’s name is included in our ads in USA Today & Conscious Company magazine.
  • Public Relations and Press Team - Benefit from media stories that increase public awareness of the Evolved Enterprise concept… and have a chance to get your business featured in these stories.

The Evolved Enterprise Catalyst
CO|alition IsThe Ultimate Resource
For Evolved Entrepreneurs

How much would it cost you if you had to buy all of those things individually?

Most high-level mastermind groups can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars PER YEAR to join in and stay in. I’ve personally paid up to $30,000.00 per year to belong to certain networks. And most mastermind groups don’t come with the immense collection of training, swipe files, and other perks that you’ll get access to as a CO|alition member.

Just the feature in USA TODAY alone is worth over $3,400 in actual costs… and the Accelerated Implementation Course could easily be priced at $1,000…

All in all, I could easily see this membership being priced at $10,000+.

But I’m not going to charge anywhere near that much…
You see, my #1 priority is to accomplish my mission of getting forward-looking entrepreneurs to successfully build Evolved Enterprises.

I’m more concerned about building the movement in the long run than getting higher short-term profits… because as our community of Evolved Enterprises expands, we all benefit.

So I don’t want to exclude people who have the potential to become magnificent Evolved Entrepreneurs by setting the price too high… but at the same time, I don’t want to accept members who aren’t serious, won’t actually implement, and won’t give back to the community.

That’s why I’m offering you the whole thing for just
one up-front payment of $1000, plus a $XX monthly membership fee.

Now, CO|alition membership is not for everyone…

If you’re one of those people that likes to read about entrepreneurship as a hobby - without ever implementing….

Or if you’re the kind of person that isn’t willing to have your existing beliefs challenged and will reject anything that’s different from what you already “know”...

...then you don’t belong in the CO|alition. You probably wouldn’t get much value out of it anyway.

However, IF you’re a highly motivated entrepreneur who takes action… then by the time you go through the Accelerated Implementation Course, you’ll already see results that more than justify the price of your membership - before even touching the rest of the resources.

Just to get you to try it, I’m willing to offer you…

The Ultimate Double Your
“Peace-of-Mind” Guarantee:

90 Days Unconditional OR 12 Months
If You Show Me You Tried

The Three-Month Test Drive

The first part of the guarantee is simple and straightforward. Test the Evolved Enterprise Catalyst CO|alition membership totally risk-free for 3 months.

Go through the Accelerated Implementation Course. Watch a few live Business Model Brainstorming sessions and MBA Masterclasses. Reach out to the community with your questions and see how much value you get back. Try out the ideas you get on your business.

If you're not absolutely thrilled for any reason (or no reason), I'll cheerfully refund your purchase - no questions asked. (And no note from Mom required.)

The 12-Month Promise

Here’s the second part of it. If you actively implement the knowledge you’ll gain from the CO|alition, you’ll transform your business into a source of great joy and meaning day by day, month after month.

In fact, I’m so confident in the effectiveness of this program that I’m making the following promise:

IF you make the effort to go through all the lessons in the Accelerated Implementation Course and complete all the exercises, then I guarantee that at the end of it you will:

  • Have a greater awareness of your deepest desires, passions and abilities.
  • Have more clarity than you’ve ever experienced before about the WHY that drives you.
  • Have a crystal-clear vision for exactly what you want to achieve with your business & your business’s greater purpose.
  • Know exactly what core values you want to build into your company’s culture + have a plan of action to implement them.
  • Have a detailed plan for ‘baking-in’ an impact into every sale you make + implementing your impact into your marketing.
  • Have identified a list of cause partners who will be eager to support & give publicity to your brand.
  • Have created a ‘Community Code’ that you can use to catalyze a tribe of raving fans, customers and ambassadors who eagerly want to spread your brand.

If you go through the whole course and diligently implement what you’ve learned, and you DON’T feel you’re making significant strides towards creating a profitable business that’s completely aligned with your values and passions…

…or if you can’t get solutions to the specific obstacles you face from the supplemental training resources or the community…

…then I’ll give you a full refund, as long as you ask within 365 days.

All you have to do is tell me what you tried and why it didn’t work. No IRS-style investigation… we run on the honor system. If you say you didn’t accomplish everything I’ve promised, not only will I refund your initial sign-up fee in full… I’ll also refund the monthly payments you’ve made - EVEN IF we’ve already run your company’s name in an ad in USA Today or Conscious Company magazine. That’s how confident I am in the quality of the resources you’ll get as a CO|alition member…

Like I said, I want to make sure these resources get into the hands of the purpose-driven, action-taking entrepreneurs who are truly right for this program… because that furthers my mission of “changing the way business is played.”

That’s why I’m willing to take so much risk onto myself - I want to make it as easy as possible for the right people to say “YES” to this offer.
If you’re the kind of person who’s right for the CO|alition…

If you could be someone who’ll use business as a lever to do a tremendous amount of good in the world…

Then I want to make sure the world (and the other CO|alition members) don't miss out on what you could bring to the table. Are you one of the committed, principled entrepreneur we’re looking for? If so…

Take the Oath and Join the Evolved
Catalyst CO|alition Today

I pledge to uphold the Evolved Enterprise Catalyst CO|alition Code of Conduct and Creed:

  • I will be fully ethical and honest in all business dealings with customers, employees, partners, suppliers and communities.
  • I will provide transparency for how the organization delivers an impact.
  • I will consider how each stakeholder is affected by all decisions.
  • I will uphold hiring practices that promote employee diversity and empowerment.
  • I will seek to continually grow and evolve collectively and individually within the organization.
  • I commit to becoming an industry and marketplace leader.
  • I stand for something greater than simply one bottom line.
  • I commit to rewriting the rules of business so everyone wins.
YES! I’m excited to be part of the Evolved Enterprise Catalyst CO|alition. I will strive to implement the Evolved Enterprise principles in my business, and participate in the community to collectively amplify and accelerate my growth and impact this year!