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I want to be the first to thank you for ordering a copy of my new Evolved Enterprise book and the special limited edition Village Visionary package.

You’ve joined the mission to change the way business is played. This is your blueprint for how the Evolved Enterprise framework can apply to your business for greater joy, impact and profits!

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... It’s a chance to fully integrate the Evolved Enterprise framework into your new business with a full step-by-step implementation course... the Evolved Business Blueprint..possibly join forces together!

From ongoing feedback, we’ve developed a comprehensive new course especially for those with a burning desire to launch or expand a new business with the competitive advantages of an Evolved Enterprise baked in right from the start!

To learn more about this special one-time invitation - just read below for the full details.

If You’re Serious About Maximizing Your Impact & Profits...

Here’s Your Ultimate Resource For Quickly & Effectively Building Out Your Business Startup Idea From Scratch or Accelerating Your Current Venture Utilizing This Breakthrough Framework:

Over the next few minutes, I will lay out step-by-step, the moves you need to begin making right now to build a strong foundation for your new business, as well as the things you can do early on so you can scale your enterprise easier than your competitors, and better yet, have a BLAST while doing it.

It all boils down to a single image, the one you’ve seen before..

After the enormous amount of accolades and praise the Evolved Enterprise book received – we realized impactful entrepreneurs who want to apply these concepts could use a little more help.

The first resource we provided was a comprehensive Accreditation program and Coalition for training and bringing together Evolved Entrepreneurs with existing businesses. For many though, that resource was just too advanced and possibly out of their budget.

Finally, here’s a solution to absorb and implement all of the Evolved Enterprise concepts for you when you’re just getting going with your big idea!

The Evolved Business Blueprint is designed to give you the clarity you need to take action quickly…exactly where to start and how avoid costly tangents or spinning your wheels.

Chris Finn, two-time World Champion and the head coach of the US National Power Soccer Team. Driven to achieve his childhood dreams while living with quadriplegia, he also started the You Are Able® movement to help teams and organizations hope, believe and achieve success.

Frankly, I almost went out of business before I decoded this business model and I don’t want you to go through the same if I can help it.

Every piece of the material was carefully developed, refined, and tested on real-world businesses. Especially new, emerging startups in a variety of fields.

What’s more, we’ve completely overhauled and improved the course again based on the feedback we got on the original version - making it clearer, more comprehensive and more engaging than ever. It’s been 6+ painstaking months coming but I think you’ll love it.


You just invested in the Evolved Enterprise concepts and “voted” with your wallet that there IS a better way to do business.

How could I not respect someone who thinks as brilliantly as I do?

It’s clear we are on the same page, so you can be sure the training will resonate. It’s easy to digest and take action on so you can get going immediately. Here’s what is inside...

Your course material is broken into 6 modules, each one laser focused on one core pillar of the Evolved Enterprise framework:

The step-by-step “Evolved Business Blueprint” curriculum provides you with:

  • Bite-sized lessons on each aspect of the Evolved Enterprise framework.
  • Detailed examples that show you how businesses, across many industries, are applying and winning with these concepts.
  • Practical exercises that walk you through creating your business plan, one piece at a time.
  • Real-world action items to get you to start implementing right away.

Plus, you’ll also have the opportunity to share your homework and get helpful feedback and ideas from others who are going through the material with you. Don’t worry you can start the modules anytime. Go back to it, pause it, etc. We’ll be here for you as you work through the material in your own time and pace.

Stop Daydreaming About that Exciting Business Idea You’ve Been Putting Off… And Finally Get Going with the Proven Evolved Enterprise Roadmap

I don’t want the Evolved Enterprise concept to be something you read about, but never take action on…

I want you to actually start living the kind of entrepreneurial lifestyle that allows you to experience greater meaning, joy and fulfillment - while also earning extraordinary profits.

You’ll learn how to easily adapt the Evolved Enterprise concepts to your unique situation. It’ll walk you through creating a business plan that’s tailor-made to support your deeper meaning, your happiness and the impact you want to make.

The goal here is to help you implement the Evolved Enterprise principles quickly and effectively… so you can get your business up and running fast and start earning exceptional profits in a way that’s both meaningful and fulfilling.

Inside the 6 main modules we’ve also broken down the sessions into easily digestible micro segments with practical exercises that take 15 minutes or less to finish to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Yes! Count Me In

Module #1: Evolved YOU

The Evolved Enterprise model starts with YOU at the center.

That’s no accident. The more in-touch you are with what makes you feel happy, fully utilized and contributing in a meaningful way - the more you’ll be delivering your greatest work.

To transform your business into your artistic canvas to creatively merge your head, your heart and your higher purpose… you first have to understand what’s in your heart.

Module 1 is all about evolving YOU as an individual.

(And this is not a one-and-done process…it’s ongoing but you’ll get a huge head start here with the foundation that your business will be built on.)

The exercises will help you answer the most important question of all: What do you really, really, really want?

You’ll discover:

  • The Entrepreneurial “Identity Trap” – How to not get caught up in identifying your self worth with your net worth or any objective measure of success you’ve been programmed to believe matters.
  • 9 daily practices you can use immediately to get out of funks, burnout or even deep entrepreneurial depression.
  • 5 powerful assessment tests the most successful Maverick entrepreneurs I know have used to discover our natural born strengths and maximize our talents to effortlessly create more profits, impact, and meaning.
  • Conversely – you’ll need to bring out your ‘shadow’ side as well. The shadow is the part you’ve wanted to keep secret and hidden from the public. Acknowledging the gifts of your imperfection and ‘flaws’ will actually save you when you listen to them.
  • The “new” way of goal setting (it’s actually 3,000 year old) that makes it practically impossible to fail. (I've tried countless goal setting strategies in the past, but none work like this to strike at the essence of what you really want.)
  • How to author your own hero’s journey and why every hero you look up to has the seeds of your own greatness buried in their characters.
  • Tapping into your intuition and deeper insight; 6 tried and tested methods for developing your intuition (originally used by a world renowned psychologist.) And 11 slightly strange, yet powerful ways to unearth your deepest motivators, talents, and inner mental workings.
  • How to reignite what you loved to do as a kid and actually incorporate it into your business. (Hint: What seems like play to you is actually your deepest expression of your most meaningful work and unique contribution.)
  • How to turn 'making money' and 'building your business' into the ultimate expression of artistry and love.

Essentially your first module is about how do you sing the verse you were intended to in the symphony of the world. And from there we start digging deeper…

Module #2: CAUSE

Cause is the driver of epic Evolved Enterprises that are rewriting the rules of business and enabling upstart companies of all sizes to outperform entrenched giant conglomerates.

This is how you move up from simply being a transactional company, with minimal brand loyalty and impact to a transformational or even transcending business.

Purpose based and mission-driven organizations continue to outperform their competitors who only focus on one measure of their P&L at the peril of everything else that really matters to long-term growth and success.

True entrepreneurial satisfaction comes from pursuing a compelling and inspiring BIG WHY.

Having a reason that’s bigger than what one person can do alone brings your team, your customers and everyone else your organization interacts with, together to truly make a real impact. In fact, your "BIG WHY" ignites a blazing bon-fire of contagious enthusiasm… inspiring you and everyone else to power through any and all obstacles on your path to collective greatness.

Module 2 will guide you to discover your true calling and show you how to fully and genuinely integrate it into your business for greater meaning, impact, and profits.

Here’s a small peek at what’s inside:

  • How to systematically identify the true ‘soul’ of your organization… and infuse this discovery into your business for greater meaning and passion for what you do.
  • 4 'Portals' into your authentic why (if you're struggling to find your life mission and your purpose - start here.)
  • How To 'Piggy-Back' off the reputation and reach of well-known cause partners for instant boosts in credibility, conversion, and media coverage.
  • A little known "hack" for tapping into the biggest and most well-known cause partners and non-profit organizations. (Use this simple strategy to 'skip the line' and utilize the halo effect for your business.)
  • 6 examples of authentic causes integrated fully into companies and 1 cautionary tale of what happens when there isn’t a genuine alignment between the cause and the company’s product or service.
  • My ‘secret weapon’ for expanding my awareness, processing my thoughts, coming up with breakthrough ideas and tapping into my highest expression for guidance. (It takes less than 15 minutes a day!)

Module #3: VISION

Once you have your WHY worked out, you need to dial in the HOW…

How do you capture the hearts and souls of everyone on your entrepreneurial journey with you?

You’ll have the answer after completing this module…

A well-crafted vision can be used to inspire your customers, employees, investors and partners to join you on your mission.

Most entrepreneurs I know are exceptional visionaries. They can see the big future ahead but they get frustrated with everyone else not seeing the same picture. Module 3 shows you exactly how to create your ultimate vision for your business to truly build your dreams.

You’ll discover:

  • How to formulate your 'North Star' - a powerful rallying cry for what your company stands for – and who should join you.
  • How to create a detailed roadmap and plan-of-action for ensuring your vision comes about.
  • How to positively attract the top talent and repel the wrong individuals. (Yes, you do want to be polarizing!)
  • 6 mental tricks for overcoming your internal blocks and freeing up your creativity and unlocking the idea floodgates to finally get your entire vision down on paper.
  • 5 critical components you must include in your vision statement to garner the biggest impact (use this 5 piece framework to streamline your writing process and get the most important points addressed.)
  • The secret to communicating your mission in a way that lights up the most talented collaborators… filling them with faith, energy, and enthusiasm for your cause… so they’ll be ALL IN!
  • A common mistake first time 'vision-creators' make that renders their vision statement virtually useless.
  • How to harness the actual way our brains work to make organizing and generating ideas as easy as having a conversation.

Module #4: CULTURE

If you would have asked me about culture a few years ago, I probably would have laughed at you. I previously thought company culture was a waste of resources or that it was only for really big businesses —today I know that’s absolutely wrong!

Perhaps what really baffled me was that culture is something you can’t always put your finger on. It’s not totally tangible but you can sense a culture. In fact, you can either set the culture intentionally so it’s aligned with your vision and values……or you can let it happen by accident - and hope and pray you don’t end up with a culture that works against you.

I’ve been fortunate to have so many meaningful conversations with all sorts of individuals I really admire for the way they’ve created an exceptional culture in their companies. And they’ve had a profound influence on my thoughts here.

Rich Teerlink, former CEO of Harley Davidson sharing with Mavericks how culture saved this iconic company from bankruptcy. Rich is quoted as saying, “People are your only sustainable competitive advantage.”

Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO, in his apartment discussing culture and a bit of Maverick mayhem Zappos.com is widely regarded as one of the best business cultures in the world and Tony has shared incredible insights repeatedly throughout the years with the Maverick1000 group.

Chip Conley, former CEO of Joie de Vive, the 2nd largest boutique hotelier. They were able to survive and thrive the economic downturns only because they focused on living an empowering culture…from the cleaners to the C-suite.

Culture is the DNA of your business… it determines how all the individuals that make up your business work together (or don’t) in pursuit of your vision.

The attitudes, values, and beliefs that make up the culture of your business have a profound impact on the performance of your employees, outsourcers, partners, suppliers and, of course, customers. This topic is usually pretty tough sledding for smaller companies or those getting started – and that’s why this section gives you my own real-world success and failures of creating and living an intentional culture.

In Module 4, you’ll learn the secrets to creating a world class culture from the bottom up, including:

  • How to actually identify and co-create your core values. (This is the actual step-by-step meeting & exercises we ran to rework our core values after the team said we had an external culture but didn’t live it internally.)
  • 8 easy-to-implement examples of truly living your core values. (Once you get your core values figured out your conversations, hiring practices and performance reviews are all dictated by this new measuring stick.)
  • Culture is directly linked to the performance of your company… here’s how to use language, material symbols, images and rituals to consciously manage it in your favor…
  • The REAL reason your best talent will leave your company (hint: it’s NOT money, benefits, and things you THINK matter most.)
  • The 'Culture Pyramid' - The 3 Stages to building a mission-driven high-performing culture from the bottom up.
  • 5 Foundational Elements You MUST have in place in order to clearly define your culture (without these 5 elements in place, your culture is left to chance and haphazard interpretation.)

Previous studies have shown that 70% of workers are either not engaged or actively disengaged... meaning they are actively trying to sabotage your business. And actually new numbers I’ve seen from Gallup show this percentage is increasing to 87%. It’s your duty to allow everyone to show up as their greatest selves and bring their full heart & soul to your venture.

Module #5: CREATION

Once you’ve laid out your values, purpose and vision, it’s time to integrate EVERYTHING into the very essence of your business… so every sale makes an impact towards the cause you’ve aligned around.

Here’s where the rubber really meets the road.

When you put your full heart into your products and services - and you genuinely believe you’re doing good with every sale… that also lets you put your full heart into marketing and selling.

In fact, it feels less like selling and more like authentically ‘inviting’ the right prospects to buy. Your noble cause can inspire trust and loyalty that your ordinary competitors can only dream of.

Module 5 will show you how to ‘bake-in’ an impact right into your products and services… so doing business with you becomes an act of pride, a source of belonging and community, and perhaps even a moral obligation. We’ll cover:

  • A simple yet powerful framework you can use to instantly differentiate your company from the competition and place yourself in a category of one…and how to uncover and expand your meaningful difference.
  • The 11 Evolved Enterprise Impact Models and how to zero in on the one that best fits your product and service. (Plus how to publicize your IMPACT for massive customers goodwill and media exposure.)
  • How to develop the compelling marketing ‘hook’ or angle that creates dozens of synergistic ways you, your customers, and your partners can do well by doing good… while spinning off more abundance, compassion and value.
  • How to uncover hidden opportunities inside your business to tell your story, establish your unique positioning, and spread your mission.
  • How to leverage the Evolved Enterprise 'Halo Effect' to secure major media attention, partners with BIG distribution, celebrities and viral word of mouth marketing.
  • An Evolved Enterprise allows you to exponentially grow using marketing and promotion strategies charged with impact that nobody else could. (You’ll see an example of a company that urged customers not to buy and ended up growing their marketshare.)
  • [Advanced Material] The Triangulation Ecoystem for interconnecting your entire business ecosystem for exponential contribution… where everybody wins and everyone grows…

Module #6: COMMUNITY

Let’s face it—companies that can harness the power of extremely loyal customers win!

They get to spend less on marketing and advertising. Their customers keep buying like crazy, and they even love to share your product or service with their friends.

Can you imagine customers loving what you do so much, they would tattoo your logo on their bodies, like Harley Davidson lovers do? That’s the kind of loyalty, appreciation, delight and devotion you’ll learn to foster in this final module.

This module is your blueprint to catalyze a tribe of raving fans, zealots and advocates who fuse their identity directly to your brand. You’ll discover:

  • How to design your brand to appeal to a carefully chosen character archetype… so your product or service becomes a symbol of their very identity… How to make your customers feel like heroes.
  • How to create company artifacts, symbol, and stories that bring people together.
  • What your 'brand' really is and why most entrepreneurs get it completely wrong.
  • Discover the 12 "Brand Archetypes" that every highly successful brand In history originates from and how to choose the one that best fits your company.
  • The 9 Community Decoders that drive group behavior, alignment, and cohesiveness and how to apply these to your business to build a devoted legion of fans for your products and services.
  • How to create your company's own 'secret language' to bring your community together in a meaningful way and create a sense of exclusivity.
  • An advanced strategy 'cult leaders' use to create diehard communities of followers and how you too can use this technique to inspire a throng of loyal customers and fans (don't worry, this is 100% ethical if done right, and in fact it actually creates a better buying experience for your customers.)
  • How to craft a company 'manifesto' that creates alignment and 'togetherness' among your customers.
  • The 3 segments of every community: members, influencers, and celebrity icons. (Picture your community as the concentric circles.)
  • The one question I ask to connect with celebrity icons and attract them into my community.
  • How to create a 'member driven' organization where your customers actually co-create your business growth with you.
  • 5 different roles of members in your community and how to deal with each on.
  • How to craft a captivating company 'Origin Story' that your tribes wants to share.

There you have it - this is THE definitive course you need to go through if you want to align your business with your passions, unique abilities and meaningful cause - while skyrocketing your profits.

Having a deep, deep desire for creating something great within you also means you have the capabilities, talent and abilities to make it happen. The Evolved Enterprise Business Blueprint can get you there faster…


One of the biggest questions we continue to receive is

“How does this apply to me if I’m just getting started?”

For those in the idea phase or early stages of development, these 4 bonus sessions are perfect!

You might already know my story. I’ve successfully bootstrapped 8 different product and service ideas hitting the million-dollar sales mark from scratch without funding, taking on debt or even having a real business plan.

It’s this kind of get it going right of the gate mentality I want to share with you. Plus, I’m asking my colleague Dmitriy Kozlov (Dima to his friends), who has been instrumental in helping launch and grow the Evolved Enterprise movement, to join me.

He’s personally built his creative agency, Vision Tech Team, from startup to 30+ team members and supports the technology backend of industry icons like Frank Kern, Mike Dillard, Eben Pagan, and many others.

Together we’re going to answer each and every question and shatter any excuse you have. The Startup Sessions will cover:

  • Startup Session #1: Expanding Your Big IdeaYour “Big Hook” or “Big Idea” will be the deciding factor if your product is a massive success or ho-hum flop. Remember, I’ve successfully engineered 8 of my own products to 7-figures from scratch so I can assure you there’s a method here.
  • Startup Session #2: Profitable Business Model CreationYour business model brings your Big Idea profitably to the marketplace. Between me and Dima, we’ve either personally launched or consulted in several dozen industries. You’ll get your “first steps” to profitable business models while establishing the long term and avoiding the costly pitfalls that could trip you up.
  • Startup Session #3: Bootstrapping to Your First Sale & Targeting Your Ideal CustomerThe magic really starts when you earn your first dollar! You’ll discover exactly how to find your ideal customer who is eager to work with you. Opinions and surveys are okay but if you have someone ‘voting’ with their wallet. You’ll also learn the exact questions to ask your customers, and the compelling copy to write to ethically persuade them to buy.
  • Startup Session #4: Creating Culture with an Outsourced Team or Virtual TeamYou’ll see how to go from a ‘one-man or one-woman show’ to an Evolved Entrepreneur quickly. You don’t need a big team to expand your impact and reach. Dima has built multiple teams from scratch, and will share the exact hiring strategies he’s used to successfully build a local and/or global team.

    If you’re quick you’ll be in the first group and have the incredible opportunity for live Q&A time. (Personally I charge and get $1,000.00 per hour for consulting so this is a tremendous value.) The sessions will be recorded though if you cannot make them live.


See Real-Life Examples of Actual Businesses Being
Reworked Right Before Your Eyes

Sometimes it’s not enough to read a description of how to do something. Sometimes you just need to see it done right in front of you - and then it “clicks”.

Seeing a concrete example of the Evolved Enterprise concepts being applied in the real world can give you a lot more clarity and confidence that YOU can do it too. Every month I’ve been doing Business Model Brainstorming session with our Evolved Enterprise COalition members.

You’ll see the exact process I use with my coaching clients to come up with a plan of action for their business. These are the very processes you’ll learn in the Evolved Business Blueprint - and you can see a demonstration of it in action in our Business Model Brainstorming sessions!

If you’re unsure of whether you’re doing it right… or just need the confidence boost of seeing someone else go through the process successfully… seeing these brainstorming sessions can show you what’s possible, push you to a higher level of motivation, and give you some great ideas to try in your own business.

Normally, the replays of these are only available to COalition members… however, we’ve selected some of the most valuable, most insightful sessions we’ve done - and you’ll get access to those as an Evolved Business Blueprint member.

We’ve selected the sessions to cover all different business models no matter what product or service you want to sell.

Working with Maverick NEXT member, Anthony Balduzzi, we developed a key cause that truly made sense around his life story. Anthony was already doing well with his health & fitness information publishing business but was in the midst of a serious rebranding initiative. He had put a lot of thought into both our updated website design and revamped brand messaging to specifically niche down to helping men over 40 lose weight and regain their energy – but I didn’t think that was enough.

“Our big aim with the rebranding was to empower our information publishing business model to have a far greater social impact than simply selling eBooks and weight loss courses online. Within the first 10 minutes of the call, Yanik adeptly assessed the strong, unexploited niche that our rebranded business could become a market leader in: helping fathers over 40 lose weight and regain their vibrant health.

With our more focused audience in place, Yanik then helped us construct a new product offering (weight loss challenge for charity) that would help increase our revenue, improve our customer experience, and enable our brand to have the social impact we wanted with our rebrand with 10x the potential brand impact.”

It all started with Anthony’s story that I helped dig out to make a more meaningful connection to his cause. Together, we came up with the concept for ‘Fit Father Project’ and it’s full steam ahead for him. Tragically Anthony’s father died from brain cancer just before his 10th birthday and that created a burning desire to help that’s never gone away. He says it on his site:

I promised Dad that no fathers would ever have to go through his pain and lack of health. Not on my watch. And I set out on a 10 year mission to figure out exactly how men get (and stay) healthy for life. I know it's what Dad would have wanted.

We worked on matching up this compelling story with a cause that would matter and really fit here. Going back to the time he was a kid, he picked Camp Kesem as their cause because they put kids into summer camp whose parents are battling cancer. He has a real innovative model we developed to make a difference:

We donate a baseline 10% of all our profits to Camp Kesem. For every pound you lose on any of our programs, we donate an additional $1 directly to a Camp Kesem attendee fund.

Another Maverick NEXT’er I worked with was putting together a line of clothing in a very particular marketplace. (I’ll keep the details a little vague since I don’t want to give everything away as he is still in the process of implementing these ideas.) Now the marketplace has some already well-defined community values in place and we created a well-defined cause partner for each of the core community values that customers could choose. We also spent a lot of time talking about identity and community. After the session here’s what he reported:

“I felt like applying Evolved Enterprise to our business takes it a step up, from being a basic transactional retailer, to the next level of being an entity bigger than just itself, with more purpose. Evolved Enterprise is a different type of thinking that helps focus on delivering value.”

This type of thinking does take your business to another level beyond a one-dimensional, transactional company


Implement at the Speed of Light with Our Comprehensive
Evolved Enterprise ‘Swipe File’ Library

Pablo Picasso said, “Good artists copy; great artists steal.”

There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank page or white screen hoping and praying for inspiration. It’s a little known fact that ad writers, marketing professionals and creatives all keep extensive ‘swipe files’.

A swipe file is a collection of tested and proven material used as a ready reference of ideas for projects.

Now after 8+ years of studying, researching, and developing the Evolved Enterprise concepts, I’ve collected arguably the largest ‘swipe file’ library of marketing examples, promotions, and ideas in action.

And I’d like to open it up to you...

You'll have a full library filled with:

  • Sales parts and pieces
  • Marketing assets
  • Database and Opt-in capture
  • About Us (Story selling & 'creation story')
  • Cause related copy
  • Split-tested shopping cart examples
  • Signage
  • Point-of-purchase examples
  • Package design and package inserts
  • Community elements and creeds
  • Vision and Mission documents
  • Core Values
  • Communications
  • Impact Scoreboards and much more...


No doubt about it. The Internet is THE sales channel that need to master in order to thrive today.

airlie 10 years ago, on the back of a Delta boarding pass, I jotted down the idea for the Underground Online Seminar® - A totally different kind of business conference where I’d invite all the ‘under-the-radar’ marketers and entrepreneurs quietly profiting online to share all their best secrets on internet business growth. We captured the entire decade of the Underground®, so you (and your team) can get immediate access to each of the key presentations.

The Underground Online Seminar Vault consists of 10 years and 150+ hours worth of business growth secrets covering virtually every aspect of marketing and online business growth including traffic, conversion, optimization, online business models, e-commerce, information marketing, product launches, mobile apps, online business strategy, exits, culture and more!

And the best part about this is by applying a handful of these real world, ‘in-the-trenches’ strategies and tactics you will actually accelerate everything else you do. It’s a significant multiplier for your Evolved Enterprise because it amplifies the impact you are making, allows customers to more easily spread your mission and marketing message. You win by paying less to acquire new customers and getting customers to buy more frequently.

Here are just a few of the essential Underground sessions & categories you’ll be privy too:

You'll have a full library filled with:

  • Discover how to leverage crowdfunding platforms to validate your idea and get paid before you create a new product. Taught by Clay Hebert, one of the world’s leading crowdfunding experts whose helped 40 entrepreneurs raise over $4 million on popular platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Online Audience Growth:

  • Discover how Alex Ikonn, co-founder of Luxy Hair built his 7-figure e-commerce business on Shopify leveraging online video. (Last time I checked, he’s generated over 1,100,000+ subscribers, 150,000,000 views and gains on average of 2000+ subscribers a day on his Youtube channel.)

    How to DOUBLE sales in an ecommerce business using email. Harry Gilliam has a pretty ‘ho-hum’ product category selling fireworks. Watch this presentation to see show you he grew to seven figure business selling physical products with a unique email strategy.

Online Audience Growth:

  • Discover the exact 3 part system for launching a product online… even if you don’t have an existing list or product! (Taught by Jeff Walker, the man behind some of the internet’s biggest launches to date with his students and clients generating well over $400 million dollars in sales online. Jeff was actually a total ‘no-name’ at Underground 1 and then returned years later with even more validation of what’s working.)
  • Case Study: Do you think million dollar launches were possible with a low-end offer? Think again! Find out how Joel Marion orchestrated the very first million-dollar launch selling fitness content – he generated $1,400,000 worth of sales for a $67 product in just 1 week.

Site Conversion:

  • Extreme Optimization principles by the ‘mad scientist’ Matt Gallant himself (Matt’s built not one but several 7-figure businesses online and runs lists of over 1.5 million names across his brands… and guess what? He credits much of his success to the conversion secrets he reveals in this session).

the value here is immense. To put it into perspective every person who attended Underground in person paid anywhere from $1,995.00 - $3,495.00 just to walk through the door! And that doesn't include the price of the airfare or the cost of the hotel. We had people come back year after year because they saw the strategies working for them.

I’m sure you’ll agree this is the total and complete package to develop and grow your Evolved Enterprise. But there’s one more unique aspect I want to share with you.

It’s an exclusive opportunity to potentially ‘Partner’ together and co-create innovative business solutions to some of the world’s biggest issues…

“Never has there been a more exciting time for all of us to explore this great next frontier where boundaries between work and purpose are merging into one, where doing good really is good for business.” - Sir Richard Branson

Richard and I have a shared belief that business can be the greatest lever to make a difference in the world. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I was just asked to serve on the Constellation board for Virgin Unite, the entrepreneurial foundation of the Virgin Group and Branson family.

And all of this ties into our big goal to connect visionary leaders and game changers to co-create innovative ideas & new business models to measurably impact 100 global issues.

In order to help make a dent in those 100 issues – we have the somewhat audacious goal of catalyzing 10,000 Evolved Enterprises into the world by the year 2020.

This is already happening. Through various projects and initiatives we’re already actively involved in ranging from helping refugees, saving bees, building self-sustaining villages in Haiti and East Africa, empowering ‘returning citizens’ (former inmates) from prison, creating new business opportunities for people with disabilities, returning vets and so many more.

To date, we’ve contributed over $3,000,000+ in charitable donations, And we are beginning to step beyond the capital and contribute time, brainpower and resources to create an exponentially greater impact.

I fully believe with all my heart that business can and should be the greatest lever for making a difference in the world.

And right now the world truly needs you to step up to add your unique contribution to the global tapestry – and I’m fully committed to helping you get there…

How Do You Get Selected?

Essentially it’ll work a little bit like the hit TV show ‘American Idol.

If you remember the popular show - the concept was about discovering unsigned singing talents and turning them into superstars. It actually launched the careers of well-known performers such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert and many others.
Now I’m not promising that you’ll be selling out stadiums or having fans throw themselves at your feet, but it could considerably grow your business and scale your impact.

Each quarter you’ll have a chance to submit an application to be selected for the Evolved Enterprise Velocity Program.

The criteria is based on the following:

  • Business metrics and success
  • Potential impact possible through greater reach
  • Access to potential distribution and media leverage in our already existing network of partners and relationships

(And don’t worry if you aren’t selected, you can still continue applying again and again each time we open up the program as your venture grows and gets traction.)

Now if you’re chosen you’ll have the potential to profit and grow through the extraordinary reach, leverage and resources available to you.

8 Categories and over 800,000+ Subscriber
Names to Potentially Market to

I’ve asked 8 of my friends and colleagues, in 8 major categories, to serve as potential promotional partners. Each one represents at least 100,000+ people reached through their databases, podcast subscribers and followers.

Here are the 8 categories:

  • Entrepreneurship & business opportunity
  • Business owners / CEOs
  • Health & Alternative Health
  • Fitness
  • Finance
  • Investing
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Self Help & Personal Development

Please do not confuse this with renting a list, where you can get millions and millions of names but pretty much zero clicks. These are thought leaders, influencers and foremost new media players who have deep relationships with their subscribers and followers.

They’re approached all the time by tons of hopeful partners to make them affiliates but they turn down 99% of these solicitations. They’ve agreed to review what you have (after we mold the positioning, offer and copy together) only because of my long-standing relationship with them and the impact potential here.

What’s more, based on the type of product we co-create there would be a direct opportunity to release to my responsive 70,000+ mailing list, blog readers, 30,000+ Twitter followers and thousands of affiliates.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Nine years ago I founded Maverick1000 as a global collective of industry leaders and exceptional entrepreneurs in 91+ different marketplaces and categories. That means even more potential resources and reach. (I’d estimate conservatively, the collective reach of the group here is easily 50 million+ consumers and businesses.)

Imagine what just one endorsement would mean at these levels.

Now keep in mind I’m not guaranteeing this will happen. However you will get the benefit of my 15+ year rolodex of noteworthy connections to friends and colleagues.

Without name-dropping, I’ll simply mention there’s a great likelihood your company would be introduced to a game-changing introduction here. (Or more likely several!) The best part is all of this is greatly accelerated based on the Evolved Enterprise framework and your bigger purpose behind your company. Everybody wants to be associated with a greater mission.

Why Would I Do This?

3 reasons actually…

Reason #1: 10,000 Blooms
As I mentioned, our big mission is to helping make an impact on 100 global issues through business. Internally, we call these 100 ‘soils’ we continue plowing and co-creating 10,000 “blooms” from 100,000+ seeds planted. (The seeds are the Evolved Enterprise books). And if you want the full picture, the Maverick1000 network are 1,000 ‘suns’, who can each ignite 1,000 more suns! There you go - that’s the two-second version of the Evolved EcoVerse seen here:

In order to get close to this enormous goal of 10,000 blooms we need you.

I remember several years back at a luncheon in South Africa with Nobel Prize winner, Muhammed Yunnus. He gave the advice for entrepreneurs to “solve a small slice of the global problem.”

Reason #2: Catalyze the Catalysts
I’ve realized my unique contribution is to “catalyze the catalysts”. That means creating impact ripples through the leaders who can make a big difference. If we are able to directly have a contribution to your Evolved Enterprise then the ripple will extend out to your team, your customers and your community served. And perhaps it’ll even help ensure the Evolved Enterprise concepts spreading to others in your industry and beyond.

Reason #3: We Share in the Upside
The program has a built-in success profit-sharing component. We’ll get paid only if it works in your favor. With broad strokes, I’ll tell you there is enough of a program fee to ensure you have skin in the game and you do your part. My goal is not to make a serious profit here but rather to look at it like a real joint venture where I make my money only if you do. Then there’s a profit split significantly in your favor after you’ve made back the program fee.

If you are selected, you’ll get all the details before we ever work together. Lots more I can tell you about this exciting program but that’s just one more incredible reason to get started working on your Evolved Enterprise immediately with this resource...

The Evolved Business Blueprint Is The Quickest, Most Affordable Path to Becoming an Evolved Entrepreneur

It’s the most essential training you need to get up and running as soon as possible…and at a price that’s near impossible to say no to.

You see, we’ve previously sold the first iteration of this content and coaching for $2,000.00 (and that was the older version).

As this is meant for Startups and emerging impactful leaders you won’t pay anywhere near that… because there’s something more important to me than maximizing my profits on each individual sale.

I am 100% committed to get impactful entrepreneurs to successfully build Evolved Enterprises and join our movement. As our community grows, we all benefit from an increased awareness of what an Evolved Enterprise is and what we stand for.

That’s why I’m throwing the $2,000.00 pricetag out the window, and offering you the Evolved Business Blueprint for just a one-time payment of $399 or 3 easy payments of $147 spread 30 days apart.

That’s’ it.

To put it another way, that’s probably way less than a few months of most people’s cable bill and significantly more empowering.

Not only is this a steal in terms of the value you’ll be getting - it’s also completely risk-free…

Simple No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

I want you to test drive the Evolved Business Blueprint totally risk-free for 3 full months. Go through any and all the modules, watch the supplemental training, and try out the ideas on your business idea or new venture. And then if you’re not positively thrilled by the value of this program for any reason (or no reason), I'll cheerfully refund your purchase - no questions asked. (And no note from Mom required.)

If you could see what I see, and know in your heart your new business could make a difference in the world and deliver more meaning and profits for you and your team – You’d get started right away. Right?

I’m betting on you – and here are the all tools, resources and pieces you need to play a bigger game…

Listen there’s a reason you’re inspired to create a business that can create a meaningful impact. You know it, and I know it.

And that reason lives right there in your soul.

Let’s do it.

When you align the true “soul” of your greatest work with more impact, meaning and happiness - you inevitably creates even more lasting success.

And now the only thing stopping you is YOU…

Leave your mark as an extraordinary entrepreneur by merging your head, heart and higher purpose delivered through your Evolved Enterprise.

Let’s do it.

All the best,

Yanik Silver

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P.S. Lewis Carroll once said, “In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take, the relationships we were scared to have and the decisions we waited too long to make.”

When considering my options, I sometimes think out into the future and imagine if my grandchildren were to ask me about my biggest regret. If that time comes for you, I want to ensure your answer has nothing to with not following your heart to pursue the business idea that could have helped change the world.

I firmly believe you cannot simultaneously have within you a deep, deep desire for creating something great without also possessing the capabilities, talent and abilities to make it happen.