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The Evolved Story


How to Uncover Your Most Alluring Story To Capture the Hearts & Imaginations of Your Prospects…

…And Build a Following of Exuberant Fans Who Are Eager to Enthusiastically Spread Your Brand

From ancient times right up to the present day - stories have held readers and listeners spellbound. A well-crafted story has an almost magical ability to engage someone’s emotions… and get them engrossed in the message you’re delivering. You can use stories to motivate action without triggering the defenses that normally come up.

  • How your creation story can be one of the most powerful marketing assets you already have but are underutilizing...
  • Simple 4-step process for brainstorming & crafting a story that will draw in your ideal customers like gravity.
  • 12 questions to trigger your compelling story.
  • 4 proven tips to ensure your story is emotionally engaging and makes your prospects excited to do business with you.

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"We all have a “creation story,” but few of us use them in our marketing or even bother sharing... every business, brand, or personality has that creation story that should be made more public... People need to know that origin story of your brand, or what you developed, or how it was created."

-Yanik Silver, Maverick Entrepreneur & Author of Evolved Enterprise

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